Nash Diffusion Camo Leaders

I have been using a type of leader for many years now and tend to use them for a great deal of my fishing...

Over this time, I have always tried to match up the colour of the leader with what I am fishing over, i.e. weed, gravel, silt etc.

Then a few months ago I was sent some of the new diffusion camo leaders from Nash. When I first saw these I was impressed with the diameter and the colour was different to any other that I have been using, so I decided to give them a go next time I went fishing.

Nash Diffusion LeaderTo say I was impressed was an under statement; these leaders practically disappear when on the bottom, no matter what you are fishing over.  Whether it is gravel, silt, clay, weed or a mixure of all the above.  I have been using them with the diffusion lead clips and sleeves and am very confident in knowing that it is practically invisible.

I did, however, find that it is better to steam the leaders first, as with most other leaders this straightens them out nicely and allows them to lay flat on the lake bed.  When used with a small amount of lead putty, this pins them down tight to the bottom.

One final note: when using any of these types of leader, I find it is better not to tie the loop to your main line, but to tie a loop in your main line and thread it through the loop in the leader.  Then pull the end of the leader through the loop in your line.  This prevents the line from biting into the loop that could possibly cause any leader to break.

Dave Fuidge

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