Nash Frostbite 5 Sleeping Bag

Apologies for using 'catalogue' shots in this review, but I never realised quite how hard it was to get a decent shot of a sleeping bag!

The Frostbite 5 Sleeping Bag from Nash Tackle is a beast of a sleeping bag. I wasn't sure what to expect, as at £119.99, it's not that cheap. However, with Winter approaching, many session anglers quite rightly see comfort as part and parcel of their overall angling enjoyment. In fact, it's more than that, it's essential. If you're not warm, not only will it affect your fishing, but it could also damage your health.

My first observation was the size of the sleeping bag carry sack. Nash had actually done something that I hadn't seen before....he'd DARED to not make us force this sleeping bag into a carry bag the size of lady's handbag! Well done!! At last, a sleeping bag that I can just fold a couple of times and put back into it's bag. No squeezing out air, rolling and degree in Packing-Sleeping-Bagology required!

The bag itself is 210cm long (I think that's about 6' 10” in old money) and comes with a sleeves that fit over the top end of the bedchair, to stop it sliding down. There are also fastenings to attach it to your bedchair in order to save you unwittingly dragging it out onto a muddy bank when you tear out of your bivvy to hit that 3am run.

To sleep in, the bag is warmer and more comfortable than sleeping in my bed at home. For those who haven't had the pleasure of sleeping in my bed at home, I'll elaborate: the sleeping bag itself is a very good sleeping bag. Using the removable extreme weather fleece liner, it's even better. It's like slipping into the drying room of a pottery. It's just so warm, and warm all over. You almost don't want to get a run!

The bag zips either side, allowing you to place your bedchair how you want it, rather than being dictated to by a sleeping bag. They are heavy duty and good quality. The outer skin of the bag is waterproof, although this is not a claim I'd really want to put to the test!

With an overall weight of 5.5 kilos, I suppose it's fairly heavy for a sleeping bag but, trust me, this is not just a normal sleeping bag. The Frostbite 5 is the daddy of sleeping bags and a serious consideration for anyone who fishes in cold weather. Being designed by somebody who has been a carp angler for many years, it takes into consideration the needs of the modern specimen hunter. I was quite happy with my old sleeping bag (I rarely fish in extreme weather at night), but can't imagine bivvying up without this new one now.

The Frostbite 5 Sleeping Bag is available from all Nash stockists. For a list of Nash stockists, or to view their other products, visit