Nash Tackle XL Soft Box

I love to be organised on the bank and for me there is no beter way of doing that than with the Nash Soft Box XL. For me they are just ideal and I can get every item of tackle in this (and I take far too much).

To structure my kit into a better format I actually use most of the smaller Box Logic boxes, the pouches, the needle box and a medium sized tackle box and all of this fits into my Soft Box XL.

Nash Tackle XL Soft BoxThe Soft Box XL also features a rig board and plastic wallets and some velcroed dividers. Most of these components are also removable which means that it allows you to customise the space of your box to your own requirements.

Within the Box Logic range there are a number of products that will suit everybody and I genuinely believe that if you are really organised on the bank you will catch more fish. In my view, the Nash Soft Box XL is the product to organise all your terminal tackle items in one place.

Alan Blair

Nash Tackle XL Soft Box