Nash Zip Sack


I shouted words similar to that, but not suitable for a family website, when I recently opened my garage door and saw the devastation caused by the mice in my garage. Anything that was soft was chewed beyond recognition. Old Mickey and his friends had even had a go at some of the not-so-soft items. Perhaps they’d heard that a firm bed was better for their backs!

So, I needed a carp sack and I needed it fairly quickly. I was carp fishing the next day and didn’t have time to investigate what’s what on the market, let alone go into town to fetch one. Therefore, it was a quick ring around and a bit of guesswork.

Love him or loathe him, one thing you can’t take away from Kevin Nash is that fish care is top of his list of priorities….just above fish care and fish care! It was a pretty safe bet that a sack from the Nash stable would be okay. At £8.99 for the zipped version, I could afford to take the chance, anyway.

What I didn’t expect when it arrived was that it would be in its own pouch. At that price, I expected a throwaway polythene bag! Nice one.

The sack itself is made from Airflow material that Nash identified 30 years or so ago, which, it is claimed, offers superior oxygen exchange. I won’t argue with the man on that one. He’s probably got a degree in carp welfare! As the Nash website says, the material is also punched for rapid water drainage when lifting the sack from the water.

For anyone wanting a carp sack, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve got the zipped version at £8.99, but Nash also produce a standard sack at £7.99, a Continental Zip Sack at £9.99 and a Continental Sack at £10.99.

Visit to view the whole range and to find your local stockist.