Sundridge Neoprene Boots

Sundridge recently provided me with a complete set of clothing and I'll be reporting on their excellent Nimbus suit shortly. In the meantime I've just got to tell you about their Neoprene boots!

In the past I've used wellies in wet summer weather and moon boots in the winter. Yes, moon boots are warm, but are very uncomfortable and tiring to walk in. Wellies are better, but you soon get sweaty feet in summer,a whilst they definitely don't keep out the cold in winter!

Having worn these Sundridge Neoprene Boots in both sub-zero temperatures and heatwaves, my wellies are now totally redundant and my moon boots almost so.

Sundridge Neoprene BootsThe main advantage of these boots is that they are very, very comfortable indeed. Neoprene is a very flexible material and seems to almost mold itself to you. Certainly there's no "wellie flap", especially as the top of the boot gently grips your leg - which by the way also means that mosquitos find it hard to get in.

Whilst probably not as cool as expensive Gore-Tex boots in summer, I haven't had any problems with getting my feet too hot. In winter, I found them not quite as warm as moon boots, but an extra pair of socks and a foil insole soon took care of that. The only time I'd wear moon boots now would be on a bitter day when very little walking was involved.

In fact these neoprene boots are so light and comfortable to walk in you hardly know you've got them on! Available in three colours at an RRP of £39.95, I highly recommend them.

Stephen Burke

July, 2001