Pantera Blue Star Complete Luggage Set

My wife bought this set for a birthday present as my old holdall had worn through, leaving my brolly spike stuck out of the bottom, and I’m delighted with its performance.

For starters, it looks good – the grey and blue design adds a bit of style rather than being bright and garish. I’m definitely one for understated.

There are four pieces in the set and all are finished with heavy duty stitching and durable zips.

The carryall has an adjustable, padded shoulder strap as well as normal padded carry handles – with my box and rods on my back, this is the way I normally transport it. The cavity is very spacious and you can easily fit all your baitboxes, bait bags, and food and drink in it. I keep my feeders in a big Tupperware box and that gets thrown in there too. There’s also a front pocket for nets but I usually put my riddle and side tray in that compartment.

The matching stink bag is made in identical materials and it has two compartments big enough for all my nets. The zip is tight fitting so there’s no smell in the back of the car.

As for the holdall, it is six foot long and is a six tube capacity and is ideal for poles, whips, feeder or float rods. There’s also two front pockets for landing net poles, bank sticks, and my brolly (from now on when I’m not using my umbrella I’ll invert the pole so the spikey end is pointing upwards – this is a set of luggage I intend keeping!)

And, finally, you even get a matching padded reel case thrown into the deal – amazing value at £30.

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Pantera Blue Star Complete Luggage Set