Regent Fly Waistcoat From Lureflash

This waistcoat comes with 23 pockets including 5 internal pockets of varied sizes, 3 "D" rings, a cloth ring and 1 vercro strap.
There is a ajustable toggle back strap on the in side.
This is a fairly light waistcoat and suitable for all seasons.

Tests done
(1) The first test I undertook was to check the seams and stiching to see if there was any loose threads etc.
Result: Pass, A very well made waistcoat with good strong pockets and made with quality materials.
(2) The secound test was to load the waistcoat with my fly gear and try it for comfort.
Result: Pass, it took all my fly boxes etc that I would normaly take on a trip with me AND I still had empty pockets.
(3) Next I loaded it with my roving gear that I would take when roving for carp, chub etc.
This includes 2 small bait tubs, scales, floats, shot tubs, chum mixers and I still had empty pockets.
Result: Pass, I was able to put every thing I needed for a days roving in the pockets saving me the need to cart a bag around.

Regent Fly Waistcoat from  LureflashSummary.
Anyone looking to get a fishing waitcoat should give this one from Lureflash serious consideration as apart from the many pockets that most would find hard to fill and the fact that the pockets are well layed out, Lureflash also have a Klobba no quibble garantee which basically means if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase following reasonable wear and tear, you can return it for a replacement or exchange for another, perhaps more suitable Klobba product.
Price - approx. £44.95

Lureflash's website can be seen at

Peter Webber

July 2001