Rig Marole Braid / Leader Skin

Yet another clever product from a manufacturer with a reputation for innovation. Rig Marole braid/leader skin is a clear shrink tubing supplied in 1 metre lengths ready to be cut to size. Recommended for use with braided hook links, or to allow lightweight main lines to be pinned down with the addition of putty or tungsten wire.

When in use, it is recommended to a pass the hook length through the skin, add a blob or putty or wire to the hook link, then slide the Rig Marole skin over both. Once that has been accomplished, it is a simple task to hold it over steam so that the braid/leader skin shrinks into place to hold everything firmly. It is an easy and effective way to pin down terminal tackle without worrying about tangles, and it also helps protect against abrasion over rough bottoms.

Defeating a venue ban on lead core is simple with the addition of lead wire within the skin before shrinking down! I’m sure it can be used to protect delicate hook links in gin clear water where fish have seen everything before to give the dedicated angler another edge on the competition.

Available at all good stockists priced at £2.50. View more products online at  www.rigmarole.co.uk

Clint Walker, August 2010 ©

Rig Marole Braid / Leader Skin