Rod Hutchinson Square Root Rod Bars

All buzzer bars are the same, right? No, at least not in the case of the Hutchie Square Root Buzzer Bars.

What's different is that, firstly, these bars are square in section thus avoiding the annoying tendency of conventional round bars to twist. It also makes them extremely easy and precise to adjust.

Secondly, two of the thumbscrews feature an additional male thread below the bar. This means that you can convert them to a rock-steady goalpost system just by adding a couple of banksticks. Alternatively, you can fit drop-off indicators to the banksticks yet still use a pod.

Square Root Bars are made from aluminium in a black finish and are available in various widths, including an extra wide version for 4 rods. This is also useful if you use less rods but want to fan them out more.

Having used this Hutchie product for several months now, there's no way I'll go back to round section buzzer bars ever again. What's more at only £11.99 per pair even for the 4 rod version they're cracking value too!

Copyright Steve Burke, June 2001.


Rod Hutchinson Square Root Rod Bars