Saber SF 7-9ft Stalking Rod

I’ve been using this rod for almost a year now, and what can I say, I’m in love with it!

As stalking is my ‘thing’, I’ve used countless rods built for the purpose over the years, of all sizes, types and taken from all price ranges, and even when compared to those which I’ve owned from the likes of Greys, etc, this Saber SF is way out in front.

With a standard top section and interchangeable butt sections, you can use it as either a 7ft rod or a 9ft rod. In either guise, it’s an absolute dream to play fish on, and it’s hardly left my side during the last twelve months. The rod just oozes quality; the full cork handle, reel seat with stainless collars, eyes, grips and finishing are all second to none. The build quality is excellent and the blank finish is sleek, subtle and extremely thin. To be honest, it makes other rods in the same price bracket look distinctly bland by comparison!

I can’t believe how many times I’ve been asked what it is when I’ve been out on the banks. I’ll always pass it over for closer inspection, after which there will be any number of encouraging looks, nods and gestures… and that’s without them even playing a fish on it!

Saber SF 7-9ft Stalking Rod

Once you have played a fish on it, you’ll quite literally be hooked and won’t want to put it down. The blank is incredibly slim, yet the power available when you need to slow a charging fish is unbelievable. I’ve had some right old tussles with it during the year and not once have I ever felt under-gunned.

In fact, it’s been so good that I’ve now started using it as a third rod. I fish a couple of waters where you can fish three rods, but I don’t like the hassle of taking three lots of made up 12ft rods, plus the stalker, so I’ve found myself taking two, and then setting up the 9ft stalker as my third rod overnight. It’s so much easier, and allows me so many more options, and needless to say it’s thrown up an impressive number of fish in this guise as a result!

To say I’m impressed is an understatement, it’s in a class of its own and has really benefited my fishing during 2012… and I’m sure it will only bring even better results in 2013! So much so, that I’m seriously looking at getting some of their 12ft SF Carp Rods this year; the 1.75lb SF barbel rod looks equally impressive, too!

Priced at around £99.99. More at:

Julian Grattidge
January 2013