Seymo "Adjusta" Carp Rod Rest

Anyone fishing for carp on the "Method" will know how important it is to have good rod rests due to the hard and fast bites that the carp give. SEYMO have just about the best answer to this with the "Ajusta" carp rod rest. This used with a good butt rest and strong bank sticks will stop just about any carp from taking your rod for a swim. Making sure your cluch is set that the fish if need be can take line before you get to your rob, not that you should be far away anyway.

There is a built in angle lock so you can adjust the angle of the rest to suit.

I have used one of these for over a year now and would not go method fishing without it.
One of the most important bits that most over look.

I recommend this to anyone fishing the method, try it and see for your self.

Most tackle shops will have these and are priced around £3.25.

Peter Webber