Shakespeare High Back Chair With Headrest

The most comfortable fishing chair I’ve ever sat in! There I’ve said it! And it’s not just me who thinks so • everyone who’s tried it agrees.

What makes it so comfortable? Well, firstly it has arms. If you haven’t had a fishing chair with arms, you just don’t know what you’re missing. I simply don’t agree with the few who argue that arms can sometimes get in the way • certainly not for stillwater fishing anyway. So why don’t fishing chairs have arms? Speaking to manufacturers, it seems it’s just tradition. Well stuff tradition, give me comfort anytime!

In conjunction with the extra wide seat, which by the way makes the chair suitable even for the very large framed angler, you can lean against either armrest. This means that you can change position throughout the session and so remain comfortable for long periods without strain. The seat fabric itself is made from an extra heavy duty polyester, which adds to comfort and should last for ages.

Shakespeare High Back Chair With HeadrestThe arms also enable you to rest your forearm immediately next to the rod butt for quick striking. Alternatively, you can dispense with the rear rest altogether, whilst holding the rod and steadying your forearm on the arm of the chair.

Secondly, it’s got a high back plus a detachable headrest. This is real luxury! The only problem is that it’s so comfortable you may end up falling asleep! I’ve even used the headrest as a lumbar roll • a definite boon for those with back trouble.

Thirdly, with a seat height of 40cms (16ins) it’s not too low. In fact, I’d guess that in a different colour than its olive green it’s also sold as a garden chair. Certainly as you get older you’ll end up appreciating not having to heave yourself up out of a low chair.

Other minor features are a small mesh pocket on the right arm to hold a can of drink, plus a larger pocket under the seat for extra storage.

Disadvantages? Well, with the frame being made of steel rather than aluminium, at approx 7lbs (3.2kgs) it’s definitely on the heavy side. Having said that, this is lighter than some less comfortable padded carp chairs, and it’s certainly both strong and stable. There’s even holes in the wide front feet to peg the chair down to stop it being blown over by the wind when you stand up.

Unfortunately, the legs aren’t adjustable to cope with steeply sloping banks. However, it’s not the type of chair you’d take on a roving expedition to the river. On the other hand, the design does mean that the chair folds up like a fat walking stick and goes into the supplied shoulder bag for easy transport. Alternatively, the shape means that it will fit into many rod holdalls.

Will it catch you more fish? Well it just might, as you’ll be more comfortable and alert over a long session. Certainly it’ll help you enjoy your session more, and surely that’s what it’s all about.

Shakespeare do a wide range of fishing chairs, including another high-backed model, so do make sure you get the right one. The reference for this model is 9975/009, and as you’ll have gathered I highly recommend it! What’s more at just £24.99 it’s also exceptional value for money.

Copyright Steve Burke, March 2001.