Smartrig UK System Smartbond

When you do something day in, day out, the chances are that you'll become good at it.

If you've got a creative mind, then you'll also be thinking of ways of making the end product better….and easier to make! That's exactly what's happened at Smartrig UK!

As well as selling a variety of rigs and lines for the sea, pike and carp fishing fraternities, Smart Rigs also produce a range of innovative components for those who like to tie their own.

The Smartrig UK System Smartbond is simplicity itself. Basically, it's a crimp without a crimp! Designed with sea anglers in mind, this simple system will make rig-making at home plain simple. Combine it with the Smart Rigs UK Smarties and the Wynd-A-Clips, and you've got professional looking rigs in minutes. Probably seconds, if you tie a lot!

The Smartbond System is used to tie lines between 0.65mm and 0.74mm to end items i.e. swivels and weight clips. When I said that it is simplicity itself, I meant it!

You simply thread the supplied ferrule on, ensuring it's the right way round, add your component, thread the line back through the ferrule, pull until fairly tight and add a drop of the Smartbond (glue). Leave to dry and that's it!

Like many using it for the first time, I couldn't understand that this could produce such a strong bond. I didn't doubt the maker's claims, but it just struck me as a bit ‘odd'. I soon found out how strong they were when a strong rip-tide wrapped my rig around a breakwater. The line eventually broke way above the rig! Not a scientific test, maybe, but I'm an angler, not a scientist and test my stuff in real situations.

Take a look at and you'll see that the Smartrig  UK Smartbond System retails at just £4.99 for 100 ferrules and the Smartbond glue. All other components can be ordered online for hassle-free, quality rig making.

Elton Murphy - August, 2005