It’s got to be said - this stuff is pretty amazing!

It happens to most of us some time in our life, just perhaps a bit more to us rugged outdoor types • waterproof things get ripped, start coming apart at the seams or just start being ‘unwaterproof’ for no apparent, logical reason.

This is where Stormsure comes in. As it says on the tube, it “Fixes rips and holes FAST!” The great thing is, too, that it’s flexible. A rigid fix is usually a temporary one.

A Stormsure repairComing in a handy 15grms tube, the effects of Stormsure have to be seen to be believed. When it says tears, it means tears. It doesn’t just join pieces of waterproof fabric together - it fills holes! As the picture here shows, it’s absolutely perfect for brollies, bivvies and waterproofs.

I often hear of bivvies that have seam leaks. In fact, I’ve seen some really strange repairs in my time, using tape, prayers and a pot to catch the water in. This needn’t be the case with Stormsure, and what’s more, the flexible nature of the product means that it should stay fixed!

To apply, it’s like a thick glue. It works in similar way, too - you clean the surfaces, apply it, hold them in position, let it dry and the job’s done. No mixing, nothing technical.

The packaging for Stormsure lists the materials it’s suitable for as:
Natural and Man-made fabrics, Nylon, Rubber, leather, PVC, PU and most plastics.

Prices seem to vary around the £5 to £6 mark on the internet, so it may be worth searching around. There’s more information on As Stormsure is distributed by Garlands, you’ll find it in a lot of good tackle shops, too. Online, it is available at TackleBargains and Fishtec, to name but two stores.

If you go outside when it’s raining (which most of us do!), get a tube of Stormsure now…..before you need it!

StormsureElton Murphy
January, 2006