JRC Terry Hearn Stealth Bedchair

Having a back and neck problem, the right choice of bedchair is even more critical for me than for most anglers. Having tried a variety of models in different tackle shops I quickly became a fan of the JRC range, finding these models the most comfortable.

I previously reviewed the JRC 2 leg Superlight that I still use when I’ve got a bit of a walk. These days though I often have the luxury of being able to drive to my swim, and so portability isn’t then a problem. Nevertheless, comfort of course remains a major issue.

However, I also wanted a 3 leg model as they don’t tilt over if you sit on the end, something that I find annoying, not to mention potentially dangerous! On the other hand, 3 leg bedchairs are a little heavier, and also don’t fold up so compactly.

Last year I briefly used the JRC Terry Hearn Stealth model, but didn’t feel able to write a review at the time as my back prevented me from doing much fishing and thus conduct a proper field test. Thankfully I’m back to normal now and can report that I’m very pleased with the product.

By the way, don’t for a moment think that this bedchair is heavy. Not surprisingly it’s heavier than the aptly-named JRC Superlight, but at 7.7kgs is still lighter than many of its competitors, especially the cheap ones with steel frames. Yet despite its light weight its rated for up to 22 stones.

One of its main advantages is that it’s lower than normal, which you’ll particularly find a boon if you’re under an umbrella as it’ll give you more headroom. In fact for many this will make it worth buying for this reason alone.

Other features include a built-in pillow, which I confess wasn’t to my taste but is removable, and mud feet to lessen the chance of sinking into soft ground, which I did appreciate.

To sum up, an excellent bedchair, and as it’s now being offered by many shops at £149.99 it offers the very good value for money.

Copyright Steve Burke 2004