Titan 3 Piece Fishing Set

Maybe it's because I've got the last name Murphy, or maybe it's because beings higher than us decide to be kind to me sometimes, but now and again I seem to have an amazing stroke of luck. A recent example of this was when I received the 3 piece fishing set from Titan for review.

Now, that may sound like a stroke of luck in itself (and it is, believe me!), but that's not where the story ends.

I'd packed my 4x4 to the brim with all I needed for a few nights under canvas for a spot of carp fishing. Wooly hats, socks, thermals, the lot! You name it, it was there. So, I trundle off in the early hours of the morning and wondered what that thing in the sky was. Surely, it couldn't be the sun?

Titan productsYou've guessed it - yours truly hadn't bothered to look at the weather forecast and I'd timed my session to start on the very day that a mini heatwave hit us! Luckily, I had some suncream in the rucksack that I'd left there since last year.

I was already wearing my Titan trousers and, having set up, it started to get a bit warm. Now you'll see why I say I was lucky….you can just unzip the legs and you're left with a pair of shorts. Bliss!

The 3-piece set from Titan consists of the trousers, which then convert into shorts, and a gilet vest.

The trousers are similar to army combat trousers and seem very durable, being made from 100% pure pre-shrunk cotton. They have 7 pockets, so you can load them up with bits and pieces when going for the roving approach, too. The shorts don't really need a description….they're like the trousers, but with half the leg missing!

Again made from pre-shrunk cotton, the gilet vest will appeal to fly, lure and mobile anglers who prefer to ‘stalk' rather than wait for a fish. There are 7 main pockets of the front and a large ‘poachers pocket' on the back. The lining of the jacket is mesh, allowing for a better circulation of air in those warmer months. There is a sew on Titan badge on the front of the jacket and the company name is proudly emblazoned across the back, too.

These sets come in waist sizes 32" - 40" and would represent good value at this price. However, Titan are currently selling them at the ridiculously low price of £24.99 as an anniversary promotion!

To view this set, as well as the rest of the Titan range, pop along to their website at http://www.titanproducts.co.uk - not only will you be able to view them online, but you can also download the catalogue for viewing offline. Now, there's a company that has thought about its website!

If you enjoy seeing angling on the internet, it pays to support the companies that are making a go of it online. Titan is one of those companies.

Elton Murphy
May, 2001