The Zilo Smell Killer

Now and then we see things for sale that are ludicrous. If we're lucky, a foolhardy friend may have even purchased one, in which case we can ‘give it a go' without having to be the one that paid money for it! I was lucky, I was sent such an item for review¦

When Kevin Moore from K.M. Distribution rang to ask if I'd be interested in seeing a product that removes odours, I had visions of a soap bar or something similar. I certainly didn't expect to receive what is, to all intents and purposes, a lump of metal!

But it's not just any lump of metal. This stainless steel disk really does get rid of smells from your hands when used properly. I couldn't believe it! I tried it with fish and various other household smells and got rid of them every time. All I had to do was rub the Zilo Smell Killer in my hands under running water for 20-30 seconds.

Zilo Smell KillerAs you know, washing with soap doesn't really get rid of smells, it masks them. Usually, it doesn't even mask them very well. I'm told that the Zilo Smell Killer works at a molecular level, actually removing the smell. What's more, you can even use them to freshen enclosed areas, such as a car or a room in the house…and it's not likely to run out, either! I don't smoke, but it is also claimed that the Zilo will remove smoke smells.

Zilo Fish KillerThe standard Zilo Smell Killer is £14.99, the larger version £16.99, the toilet version (!) £16.99 and the Zilo Fish Killer £23.99.

Further details can be obtained from and you can order online.

If you do decide to order a Zilo Smell Killer, don't expect anything 'flash' looking when it arrives. You'll look at it, wonder why you bought it, try it and then smile! Just make sure your mates give it back when they have a try!!

I'd be interested to know if anyone tries it bankside - I know a lot of anglers don't like the smell of 'human' to get onto their bait, so this could possibly be the answer.

Elton Murphy
February 2001