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Bob Nudd 2003 Questions

Bob, I always like to turn up at a competition with plenty of pre tied hooklengths. However I am finding it hard to find a decent method of storing them. Milo used to make a very good one which held 100 in place with little black plastic pegs but I don't think they do it

December 2002 Answers

As I know you are sponsored by one of the big tackle dealer giants I thought you would be the person to ask, I have a champions choice 505 and I need some fourth and fifth sections and top 3 kits however the pole has been discontinued and I wondered if you knew of anywhere

Feature Finding And Old Tackle

Hello Bob, Many anglers have a vast amount of unused angling equipment, whether they have packed up fishing for good, or like me, constantly replacing gear with tempting goodies. The point I am coming to is what to do with all this surplus fishing equipment? I am sure with all your contacts there is a

Broken Pole, Match Tactics, Sort Out Your Plumbing, Reluctant Tench

Hi Bob, Is fishing for carp on the method any good in the winter month's or should a smaller feeder be used and do you know any good stillwaters in Leicestershire. Thanks, Rich Hello Rich, Yes, you can still catch carp on the method feeder in winter (see my latest feature in Angling Times). If

Feeder Rods, Islands & Poles

Dear Bob, Im looking to buy myself a new feeder rod but there is so many on the market can you please help me. I fish on small stillwaters with the biggest fish reaching about 5 - 6 pounds. I have in the region of £75 - £150 to spend, ill be looking forward to