Feeder Rods, Islands & Poles

Dear Bob,

Im looking to buy myself a new feeder rod but there is so many on the market can you please help me. I fish on small stillwaters with the biggest fish reaching about 5 – 6 pounds. I have in the region of £75 – £150 to spend, ill be looking forward to hearing from u as I desperatley need your help.


There are a good range of feeder rods on the market, try to select a medium rod 12 ft in length with a selection of tips, this will enable you to fish on still waters or rivers. Drennan, or my company Browning, make some very good rods in this range.

Good Fishing,

Bob Nudd

I have trouble catching all the way through a 5 hour match.

I feed steady, even with worm and joker or, fishing bread to start off, I mix husk 3 parts to1 of liquidised bread in order not to put too much feed in.

Also, feeding the whip line this time of the year at 3.5 metres, I start another line in the track with chopped worm and a few casters.

So, I have 3 lines to go at – after the bread line has dried up, I start spraying squat over the top then fishing squat and possibly pinkie. Trying the track for 15 minutes at a time, also trying the whip line. I will also try and get a caster line going as well.

All this and I am mostly just out of the frame all of the time. Anything you can tell me will be appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Chris Goode

Hello Chris,

It sounds like you have most of it worked out, by feeding three lines you are exploiting most of the canal.

Try to be more efficient at catching on each of these lines by varying the feed rate to obtain maximum response from the fish and you will soon get into the main prizes.

Good Fishing,

Bob Nudd


I have just started to match fish in a small club. We seem to go to lakes that hold small carp between 5-6lb. I have noticed that the winners are mainly people that fish close to the islands. I have tried to do this with pole and feeder, depending how close, but I still seem to only catch a few.

Can you give me any advice?


Hello Steve,

Islands are always a favourite place to fish, particularly for carp, as they tend to swim very close, as it is there only means of cover.

Try feeding very accurately by using a pole cup fairly tight against the island. This will bring you some better results. Feeding is always the key to catching fish.

Good Fishing,

Bob Nudd

HI !

Could you please tell me if there is a web page/ site that reviews fishing poles to help me narrow down the vast selection now available.

I’m am very keen on Browning tackle, and my last pole was a Browning Reflex just over 4 years ago.

If it’s not to much trouble, could you also tell me what pole you are currently using for general use?

Many thanks,

Mark (Back after 4 years out of the game!!)

Hello Mark,

There is not one specific site, but most companies have their own Website. Also, many angling shops have a list of products. Check Angling Times as this will have some website addresses for you to start with.

I am using a 17.5 metre Browning Champions Choice Club France. The recommended retail price is £3500, but it actually sells for about £2300.

Good Fishing,

Bob Nudd