Feature Finding And Old Tackle

Hello Bob,

Many anglers have a vast amount of unused angling equipment, whether they have packed up fishing for good, or like me, constantly replacing gear with tempting goodies. The point I am coming to is what to do with all this surplus fishing equipment?

I am sure with all your contacts there is a body of people out there that can place this gear for deprived youngsters that are keen to go fishing but cannot afford to.

Another option is to pool this equipment and use it to kit outings for a days angling.



Hello Mike,

Yes , there are a good number of clubs and individual anglers who do a great deal of work with juniors and deprived youngsters. I am sure they would appreciate some free tackle.

In my area there is Percy Anderson from Cambridge (Tel 01223 293556) or Eddie Williams (Tel 07976 205878) - they both work very hard to promote angling to the younger generation. Give them a call and mention my name. I am sure they will be glad of some freebies.

Good fishin,

Bob Nudd.





Congrats on the team win in Paris.

I’m new to match fishing and wondered how long you should plumb the depth or seek fish holding features before you started to fish proper. I could easily spend an hour doing this but usually end up putting the bait on the hook and casting in probably too quickly, without really understanding the depths or make up of the bottom.

What process do the top anglers follow when confronted with an unknown peg ?

Any tips/advice appreciated.



Hello Tony,

Plumbing the depth and finding the contours of your swim is very important. Normally you should have a good idea about the approximate area that you will be fishing. Search about this area with your plummet and look for any ledges or drop offs. I normally take about 5 minutes to plumb up.

Good Fishing,

Bob Nudd.