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Here's the introduction from the man himself, Rob Maylin, along with a list of articles you can expect to find inside.


Issue 199 and Counting!

I can’t believe it’s coming around so quickly… issue 200, I mean. I sat here before Christmas thinking that there were three more issues out before the ‘Big One’ and now it’s only a few short weeks away. Fingers crossed it all comes together – it should do; I’ve got it all planned, and I’ve commissioned several awesome articles. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but top of the heap is the exclusive piece by Terry Dempsey – The Urban Myth, but the other articles are just as good! I’ve also got some great free giveaways in the way of competition prizes: at least three holidays, plus loads more besides and the best in advertisers. As I said, fingers crossed everyone comes up with the goods. If they do I promise you it will blow you away!

Big Carp MagazineNot to jump the gun though; we’ve got issue 199 first, and let’s not forget about this issue because it’s also a real cracker. Let’s start with Sean Leverett’s winter diary, one of our most popular monthly features, and no wonder. Sean takes a break from the Roach in favour of a bit of action on his winter waters to devastating effect. At a time when bites were few and far between, Sean once again delivered the goods with fish to over thirty once again to this prolific catcher.

Another popular and regular feature is that of ‘The Traveller’ aka Marc Twaite, who has been keeping us entertained in the last half a dozen issues with his ‘Tales From The Water’s Edge’ series. This is a live, on-the-bank interview from Pukka Carpin’ Rags’ Rob Morris… Our hero continues on the Big Pit until disaster strikes! Then it’s a temporary move onto the River Trent and then onto ‘The Secret Pit’ where Marc strikes gold once again with some beautiful winter creatures.

Made in England is back this month with a round-up of all the biggest and best looking carp caught over the past few weeks, and I can tell you that despite the cold, we have an array of winter whackers including a dozen forty-pluses topped by two fifties – Matt Jackson’s cracking 57lb lake record and Darrell Peck’s 50lb 8oz mirror.

Steve Mogford makes a welcome return to Big Carp after a while away and comes in ‘all guns blazing’ with some fantastic Frimley commons from the Doughnut. There’s lots more from Steve coming up, I’m pleased to say. Dave Little is also back again this month, and we are all loving Dave’s off the beaten track approach. This month a little known Cambridge pit with some proper corkers, not published much before.

Lawrence Herron contacted me on Facebook saying that he had a few tales to tell and asked if I was interested. I’m very glad I said yes, because his first offering contains mirrors and commons to high forties… More to come from Lawrence, I’m sure.

Charles Glasse takes a look back over his spring campaign and treats us to a showing of his fantastic results – every one a dark, scaly ‘history’ fish – well impressed by this talented young angler and writer… Again I’m sure it won’t be the last we hear from Charles.

Speaking of big history fish brings me nicely to yet another exclusive encounter in this month’s issue. Richard Chapman being the angler and the awesome Rita being his prize – exactly what Big Carp is all about. This month’s issue has something for everybody, but mainly big English thoroughbreds – our speciality!

And so to issue 200…
Big Carp is celebrating its double centenary issue in March 2013, and we are planning a very special issue. In order to do this we need your input:

We are looking for: Articles – if you or your sponsored anglers have had an exceptional session, season or campaign and would like to be part of this historic journal we want to know about it. Email the details and we will get back to you.

Competitions – a great way of showcasing your products at little outlay. We will even set the competition free of charge, so email the details and we will get back to you. Adverts – March is a great month to advertise anyway, but what better vehicle than our special 200th Anniversary Issue, and we are giving everyone who advertises in this issue a 30% discount!! It’s a no-brainer. Reviews – we also want to showcase all the new gear out on the market this spring. Once again just drop us a mail and we will take it from there. Cover Mounts – got something you would like to give away on the cover? Tell us about it – it’s fantastic for brand awareness.

Please join us on Facebook for 20% off all year around.

Email –


Big Carp 200 is already in its design stage and looks to be a milestone edition in carp angling literature. Star of the issue is none other than the ‘Urban Myth’ himself Terry Dempsey... With an exclusive article and cover shot, I don’t intend to spoil the surprise of the other articles, but it goes without saying that they will all be written by the REAL stars of today’s carp fishing scene. We have also received some fantastic prizes from generous companies following our request this week. These include: ANGLING INTERNATIONAL – A WEEK’S FISHING FOR TWO PEOPLE ON ONE OF THEIR TOP FRENCH VENUES; NAVARRA FISHING ADVENTURES – RIVER CARP AND BARBEL FISHING HOLIDAY FOR TWO PEOPLE; POWER TRAVELLER – POWER MONKEY EXTREME; MW FISHING – PRIZES OF MUGS, KEYRINGS AND LOGBOOKS; BANK BUG – ASSORTED PRIZES; IBAITS – STEAMIES BAIT… This list will be updated as more prizes come in.

If you would like to be part of this historic edition whether it be to advertise your latest product, write an article about an exceptional session, season or campaign or to simply add to the fun with a competition prize, please let me know by e-mailing me at:

Our new distributor COMAG seems to have our circulation under control now, but if you are still struggling to get a copy, either use our ‘Retail Store Finder’ on our website or simply take out a subscription.

Until the 200th, be lucky.

Rob Maylin Big Carp Magazine, a history of excellence.

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