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Off the Beaten Track

Well, it’s been quite a month here at Big Carp again. I’ve been out to Canada with the Canadian Government appointed ‘Ontario Tourist Board’ on what can only be described as a ‘Unique Canadian Adventure’. I’ll explain… Most English carp anglers would immediately think of the St Lawrence when speaking of Canadian carping. What Jim Grayston, the trip organiser wanted to do was show us some of the other options open to carp anglers thinking of visiting this immense country. Canada has ten million lakes; some so large that Great Britain would drop into one of its bays. They also have some of the most spectacular river systems in the world and can boast about the awesome Niagara River and Falls as one of the seven great wonders of the world. Now I’ve seen it and fished it, I know why! Fishing for carp down in the gorge below Niagara Falls has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever fished for carp.

Big Carp MagazineThe climb down there and up, which was worse, is another thing though, but you will have to wait until I have written the trip up before you get the full story. In a hectic week we fished half a dozen very different venues, probably not even scratching at the surface of the huge potential that is Canadian carping. We caught lots of carp and saw thousands and thousands of carp, everywhere! We didn’t catch any monsters, but we all caught fish at around 30-plus. Are there any monsters out there? That is a certainty. With that many unfished waters there have got to be some huge fish somewhere. We just need to find them. The most amazing thing about it all is that it’s ‘free fishing’ anywhere in Canada – all ten million lakes, totally free. Now that’s amazing!

Speaking of amazing, I have also got some very exciting news to report about two new writers in Big Carp. Both have been fishing ‘off the beaten track’ and both on 130-acre plus venues. Craig Runham makes his debut in this issue, and this guy can catch ‘em! A 47lb’er in last month’s catch reports led me to contact Craig about the possibility of him sharing some of his secrets about the 130-acre pit. What I wasn’t expecting when I called him was the news that he’d been quietly pulling out quite a few forty-pluses from some venues well off the beaten track. Theale Lagoon, for instance, came up in conversation as well as several other very low profile venues.
Craig has not done any writing before, but I am very pleased to say he’s really pulled out all the stops with this feature, which reflects the majority of his Big Carp fishing life. Thanks, Craig.

A call next evening from my old mate Rob Morris told another tale of an angler he knew to be catching a lot of big carp – unknown 40lb commons, a 50lb common and masses of 30-pluses. Add this to the fact that this guy is on the verge of catching an unknown 50lb-plus mirror, and I was hooked. Did I want him to tell his story in Big Carp? Damn right I did. Add to all this unknown angler Dean Atkins on the cover this month with a 58lb linear, and now you can see why I said at the start it’s been quite a month.

As if this wasn’t enough to warrant the £4.25 cover price, we’ve added a fantastic Rotary Letter this month with some great edges and tricks to put up your sleeve. There are diaries from Ed Betteridge and Sean Leverett, both of whom have been on a roll and Keith Jenkins’ monthly roundup ‘Made in England’ featuring Ian Stott’s latest monsters, a whole load of Wraysbury giants, some Essex fifties and Gary Lewis with his awesome 50lb 2oz common. Target achieved.

That’s about it, other than to say that the next in the ‘Legends’ series is out by Albert Romp, and the second of the legendary carp paintings is also out – the stunning Heather the Leather.

Keep on catchin’,

Rob Maylin

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