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Here's the introduction from the man himself, Rob Maylin, along with a list of articles you can expect to find inside.

Big Carp Soars

I’ve been writing these little introductions for over 20 years now as we approach our ‘Double Centenary Issue’, Big Carp 200, which hardly seems possible. What’s more remarkable is that there’s always so much news to squeeze into this little space. You would think I’d said it all in 22 years, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This month is no exception, and some of the articles this month are going to blow you away. Big Carp has always had its niche in the marketplace; I would say we appeal to the middle to top end of the carp angling ladder, not that we are short of junior interest, as each month you will find youngsters craving to be part of this magazine.

Big Carp MagazineBut it’s in the capture of ‘special carp’, true English warriors, big heavily plated mirrors, old dark thoroughbreds and ‘Mr Average’s’ personal bests where Big Carp comes into its own! Despite all the competition from a dozen other titles, if someone catches something special it’s in Big Carp that they want to put their article, and I am so damn proud of that! Just recently Big Carp has soared both in written material quality and in its readership. We have doubled our print run this year and our App is now being read in over 40 countries every month. Our social networking is phenomenal with tens of thousands of followers.

I can tell you that in 1991 we were printing over 20,000 Big Carps a month. We were the only big carp magazine available. In the intervening years our readership dropped as low as 5,000 a month, but this year we’ve soared, doubling our newsagent copies and reaching our readership by Apps, web and social networking to such a level that we are fast approaching our heyday in the 90s… and it’s all down to you guys, the people who buy Big Carp month after month, those who have subscribed for over 20 years, and more than anyone, the true real English carper out there rain or shine, month after month, slogging away for your targets, your own special carp and then taking the trouble to write your tale ONLY for Big Carp… Gents, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart – in these hard times for every family, thank you for supporting the UK’s only proper carp mag!

As I said earlier this month, you guys have really done the business. As you can see by the cover, it’s an ‘Off the Beaten Track’ special, in my mind the essence of keeping it real. Let’s start off with Mike Scott, an angler who only fishes for the unknown, whose sessions are never more that two hours and who has been catching some monsters from a few quiet pools where the carp have no names. Part one of his story begins this month. Next comes Jason Wheat whose trio of massive linears have only been caught by two anglers – huge northern carp from a water only spoken about in whispers.  He also begins his story in this issue.

Marc Twaite, The Traveller, returns. Secrecy is his middle name; uncaught monsters is his specialty. Marc will be with us every month. Craig Runham, on Theale, the never before written about 400-acre pit, continues his series with more forties and a massive 47lb from another venue close by. He’s been smashing ‘em since he wrote this piece, and is back again next month with more. Paul Rudd blows the lid off the Cambridge carp scene with his fantastic account of what’s really in all those lakes.

Our regular exclusives from Sean Leverett and Ed Betteridge are always the cherry on the top, month after month, consistently smashing venue after venue. Sean’s Roach Pit escapades will become legendary – another two forties this month! And if that wasn’t enough, the Big Carp Rotary Letter looks at competing with naturals, bloodworm fishing, combating coots and reducing lost fish numbers. NOW THAT’S A MAG!

Talk to you all next month,

Rob Maylin


Five Forties - Part 3 by Craig Runham
Travelling Times - By Ed Betteridge
Off the Beaten Track – A Perfect Linear Set - By Jason Wheat
A Tale of Two Sessions - By Paul Rudd
The Traveller - Part 2 by Marc Twaite
Off the Beaten Track - By Mike Scott
Roach Pit Royalty - By Sean Leverett

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