Dream Roach

'DREAM ROACH' screams out the front cover of this issue of Improve Your Coarse Fishing (IYCF). There can't be many coarse anglers who wouldn't mind one like that!

It's not all about roach fishing, though, as the cover also hints at some of the contents inside, including a radical new reel clip, a 'Pellet Banjo' to fool wary carp, tips for spicing up your baits and an article on tempting prey and predator at the same time!

Improve Your Coarse FishingHere's a look at some of the articles inside:

A Grand Day Out
Fishing gets no better than this. Join Mick Dinnigan as he puts together a once-in-a-lifetime net of big fish.

Bankside Bible
Welsh International Lee Edwards shows how to tackle big rivers with a stick float in Tackle That Swim, while Alex Bones reveals his hot tips for fishing with popped-up hookbaits in Method Of The Month. IYCF also tackles some of your bankside problems in Day-Ticket Answers.

Predator And Prey
Bob Roberts is in his element catching roach on the stick float and pike on a livebait while fishing running water on a man-made river.

F1s For Winter
Okay, so IYCF know it's been f-f-f-f flamin' freezing out there, but Kieron Rich shows how bag up on F1 carp in Keep Catching In The Cold.

Chub Stake Out
If you don't fancy walking the river and stalking for chub, Joe Oakes shows an alternative by sitting tight with his pole on the River Soar.

The Spice Of Life
Carp expert Ian Russell believes that spiced baits can fire carp into action when the water is really cold.

IYCF's Dave has gone into overdrive this issue with three live tests, including one on his Product Of The Month, and six pages of new kit just in the shops.


Win Lee's Gear

Rod, reel, line, stick floats, keepnet, landing net and handle. Three winners to get the lot, worth £437.

Free Hooks
Free pack of 10 Gamakatsu hooks for every reader. (Just send IYCF an SAE).

Fire up the little grey cells to win a Korum 3G Float Rod. Five winners.

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