Improve Your Coarse Fishing

Issue 237 of Improve Your Coarse Fishing is a 'Special Edition', featuring all the 'Greatest Tips 2010'. There's also a chance to pay just £1 P&P to get your hands on some free Guru hooks.

Here's a look at a few of the other articles on offer inside...

In Severn Heaven
Dai Gribble's Dream Destination is the Severn, where he goes for barbel.

Baby Spod Blast Off
Spod-U-Like. Alex Bones showshow this baby bait rocket catches quick.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing MagazineFeeding Is The Key
IYCF reader Paul Mumford learns how to feed correctly to catch more.

Go With The Flow
Real underwater photos show how baits really behave on the riverbed.

Rules Of The Game
Discover how Tom Pickering's Six-Inch Rule gets the kids catching.

Matt Hayes & Mick Brown's Fishing Encyclopaedia
Musings by Matt & Mick, including how to catch carp on lamprey! Eh?

The Greatest Tips 2010
More than 100 of the best angling tips for 2010. And the winner is...

Will Raison's 'Banded Worm'

...this brilliant worm-fishing edge that World Champion Will Raison says is one of his best ever ideas. You'd be daft not to try it.

Day-Ticket Answers
When to use hemp, or not. Expert advice.

Thinking Carp
Six pages of specialist advice to bring you more big-carp success.

The Beauty Of Barbel
Darren Goulder bags barbel from a low river packed with anglers.

Semerwater – Theatre Of Bream
Breathtaking scenery and dream bream fishing – it's Semerwater.

Bob Robert's Diary
Bob gets involved in a huge battle with 'something' on the River Trent.

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