Improve Your Coarse Fishing

Within Improve Your Coarse Fishing (IYCF) you’ll find a new slant on modern fishing, as they emphasise the great things about our sport and celebrate why we go angling. The best in fishing photography, more descriptive writing, longer features to let the pictures breathe and less hard core instruction have made the magazine a more relaxed read where every page reminds you how great fishing is. Read, learn and celebrate the joy of angling!

Here's a look at some of the great features inside issue 258, courtesy of the 'Contents' page:

Improve Your Coarse FishingPull Up To The Dock
That most unlikely backdrop of Port Talbot docks is home to some great silverfish angling.

Learn To Fly
Dom Garnett has caught just about every coarse fish that swims on the fly. He thinks you should try it.

The Best Tench Rig
Bob Roberts loves spring time for tench. His simple feeder rig does the business right now.

The Safe Carp Rig
Paul Garner takes you through the Safety Bolt Bead rig step-by-step. It's so easy to tie.

Make A Splash, Catch A Carp
Steve Gregory's jigger rig is bizarre, but brilliant for catching up-in-the-water as the water warms up.

Get Connected
Tom Pickering is a new convert to the superb Dacron pole connector. Find out how to use one.

The Maggot Lantern
Matt Rand's bizarre lantern idea is a great way to catch predatory perch – as he shows us with a great fish.

The PVA Convert
Ian Chillcott hated solid PVA bags until he tried the Fox Rapide system. IYCF think it's a great system, too.

Snakes On Rod And Line
Most anglers use poles on snake lakes, but Craig Butterfield believes rod and line can be just as effective. See how he bags up on carp, bream and barbel on a commercial.

Spombs Away!
The Mini Spomb delivers a small but deadly payload of bait very accurately over long distances.

Tackle That Swim
Paul Bick plays it safe on commercials in spring by using three lines t target carp and silverfish.

Carp Amid The Snags
Improve Your Carp Fishing's carp experts give you great advice, including how to tempt carp that are living in snags.

New Gear – 19 Pages
The best in the latest tackle, including Mitchell's gorgeous new reel and IYCF's coveted monthly award.

Wandering In Paradise
Julian Chidgey travels light to tempt big carp from the margins at Anglers Paradise in Devon.

Mission Accomplished
Your catches, your photos and you can win badges, Have you caught a 'Mission' fish?

Flavoured Maggots
Neil Machin dusts his grubs with a potent flavour dye to give them a huge boost. F1 carp love it.

Bread Goes Underwater
Paul Garner and Stuart Morgan look at zig rigs underwater and discover bread is the answer.

Classic Angling
Keith Elliott concludes his story of the greatest head-to-head fishing match ever – Walker v Sails.

White Acres & Puzzle
Win a week's holiday at the Cornish complex and Improve Your Coarse Fishing's Korum crossword.

Fake And Real Combo
Brian Skoyles' article on the Mini Spomb also contains this gem of an idea on how to combine a piece of fake corn with live maggots. This could be deadly for spring tench.

Sliding Pole Anchor
Steve Gregory is one of those blokes who comes up with strange but brilliant ideas and his sliding 'jigger' float is a cracker. Combined with a cloudy groundbait, this tactic is ingenious.

The Maggot Lantern
Another angler who comes up with ideas that make me think 'How did he think of that?' is Matt Rand. His maggot lantern is brilliant and bonkers in equal measure!


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Improve Your Coarse Fishing is an excellent magazine, designed to do exactly what its title suggests! You can pick up a copy from most good newsagents and supermarkets, at the cover price of just £3.35.

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