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Here's a look at what you can expect to find in issue 476, courtesy of the 'Contents' page:

Sea Angler MagazineFEATURES
A Right Corker!
The tiny village of Mostyn in North Wales attracts anglers wanting to target a plump plaice. Pete Corker is your guide.

Call Of The Cod
Dungeness beach is the most famous cod beach in England, says Shane Pullen, who reveals the quality of the fishing.

Over-Exploiting Declining Fish Stocks
Martin Salter, the Angling Trust's new national campaigns co-ordinator, tells Sea Angler what he intends to do for sea angling.

Maestro Makes It Look Easy!
Matt Jones watches Japanese lure maestro Takayoshi Orimoto trying his hand in Cornish waters.

To Hook And To Hold
If hooks aren't your most important item of tackle, you ought to think again about the way you fish, says Chris Clark.

Show Us The Money!
Why should international team members have to pay to fish?

Simple Channel Challenge
Don't be complicated when cod fishing, says Jansen Teakle.

Whiting – The New Winter Mackerel!
Alan Yates reckons whiting fill a gap in the angling calendar.

Free Baits Go Down A Storm
How you can collect a bucketful of hookbaits for free.

Yatesey's Favourite Bait
Best baits, rising prices and much more under discussion.

Tackle Shop
All the latest gear showcased with prices and where to buy.

Brill Brollies
A selection of beach umbrellas under scrutiny.

Power To The People!
The Cono-flex Chesil Beach Match (CBM) on test.

Fladen's Flagship Rod

Paul Fenech tries out Fladen's 13ft Maxx Surf rod.

Special Clothing Offer
Buy TF Gear jacket, trousers, boots for £79.99, saving £150.

Win Bass & Cod Lures Worth £70
You could win a whole load of sidewinder lures.

Shimano Mission
See the best fish of the month in Sea Angler's big Shimano contest.

Penn Sea League
The latest results as a new 2012 league kicks off.

Penn Clubman
This is the fun match league for all club anglers.

Penn Registration Form

Fill in your details if you want to compete for prizes.


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As well as the main magazine features that you can see above, Sea Angler also has dedicated Boat Angler and Bass Angler sections. Here's a look inside those two specialist sections...

Work The Water Right Up To Your Feet
Distance casting is not just about image., it also enables the angler to work much more water, say Henry Gilbey.

Whose Resource Is It Anyway?
BASS member Julian Fox considers the continuing pressure on bass stocks and the effect on his fishing.

It's A Kind Of Magic
Paul Fenech returns to the Sussex beaches to meet up with pro-guide Robin Howard for a late-season lure session. What happened was pure angling magic.

Mike's Very Basic Approach To Bassing
Popping, twitching, jerking and cranking are all very well when it comes to to working a lure, but keeping it simple catches bass too, says Dr. Mike Ladle.

Win A Set Of Sidewinder Lures
Sea Angler have two prize packs, worth nearly £70, to give away.

Irish News
Find out how the bass fishing is going at this time of the year.

Two-Piece Sweet

The two-section Greys Centaur Bass rod is definitely a winner if you like fishing with bait, says Paul Fenech.

Bass Gallery
Read about the best catches of the month, and find out who has won Sea Angler's 'nice fish' prize.

Ireland's Jewel In The Crown
Do you want to enjoy probably the best sea angling in Europe this summer? Then look no further than Ireland's vast and productive Cork Harbour.

Ride Of Your Life
Step aboard the high-speed charter angling boat Wreck Hunter out of Crosshaven, on the west side of Ireland's Cork Harbour. Editor Mel Russ tells the story.

A Lorra, Lorra Cod Out Of Liverpool
Scuppered by last year's severe winter, Dave Lewis finally manages to get aboard the Liverpool-based boat Discovery of Menai to taste the Mersey's cod fishing.

Just Champion
British built, the Sea Champion 18 is a thoroughbred sports fisher designed for offshore anglers, says Dave Lewis.

A Winter's Tale
Andy and Sam Cumming, skippers of the Silver Spray boats out of Poole, Dorset, reveal what can be caught through deepest winter.

Get A Quality Boat Combo For £100
Get a Salt 12/15lb-class rod, Okuma Magnetix reel, 300yd of 16lb braid, 10 assorted rigs, wallet and 10 sinkers for £99.99.

Origins Of The Classic Kayak
Kayak fishing is moving apace, says Sea Angler's expert Andy Benham, who traces the history of the Scupper and talks to its designer, Tim Niemier.


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