Trout Fisherman

Trout Fisherman has a bit of a different look to it this month, with a fold out cover and mention of a free pull-out of The Greatest Trout Flies Ever Tied. I was a bit surprised to see Matt Hayes appearing in the bottom corner, especially as the article mentioned concerns him fly-fishing for carp!

Russell Hill, the Editor, mentions that this issue is touching on areas not normally associated with Trout Fisherman, so let's take a look at the contents listing:

Trout FishermanRaising Your Sights
Damsel nymphing doesn't always mean fishing deep in the weedbeds

Scottish Column
The trout's strange feeding habits

Team England Tips
John Horsey provides an advanced guide to fishing dries

North Scotland
Kevin Moss on the serious business of competition fishing

My Session
Peter Gathercole enjoys the first signs of summer at Elinor Fishery

Trout Fisherman readers have their say

Advice Squad
Going barbless, competition lines, river nets and much more

What To Do When...
The fish switch to sedge

Bonefish In Blighty
Matt Hayes and Mick Brown find the Brit equivalent of bonefishing, right on their doorstep...

Special report on Lough Derg

New Gear
Trout Fisherman review the latest tackle

Floating Lines

Trout Fisherman review a selection of lines, ranging in price from £12 to £60

Read On The Fly
Jeff Prest reviews two new books

Troutmasters Final
All the winning tactics and results from the big day at Grafham

Regrets? Peter Cockwill has a few

Subscription Offer

Subscribe and get a set of fly boxes

If Harry Potter Fished...
Set eyes on Scotland's Millbuies Loch and a certain film comes to mind

53 Springers In A Week
Russell Hill finds non-stop salmon action on Carrowmore Lough

Reader Offer
FREE Airflo Delta fluorocarbon

Where To Fish
News and reports from UK stillwaters

The Home Tyer
Free fly-tying supplement

Flies Of The Month
Three summer patterns, plus how to tie the G&H Sedge

New Products
Booby eyes, Czech Nymph dubbing and much more

Italian Classic

A close look at a £200 vice

Why Flies Work
What makes the Sunburst Flashback Nymph a success?

Wiggle Hackle
Add movement to your flies with this new 'leggy' material

This month's winning entries

Greatest Flies
Step-by-step sequences for a top wet, dry, nymph and lure

Trout Fisherman magazine will fulfil your tackle, instruction and where to fish needs. If you’re into still-water fly fishing, it’s a must read, comprehensively covering techniques to catch even more fish, with detailed, informative and friendly advice. It is available from all good newsagents.

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• Self lubricating ridged design to reduce friction and incredible shootability
• Welded loops each end with line marker built-in
• Supple coating for low memory and ease of handling
• Low stretch mono core for superior bite detection and hook set
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