Trout & Salmon

I seem to always start my look at the latest issue of Trout & Salmon magazine with a comment about the cover photo. This time, however, I'm going to be different and not mention the well shot brown trout that seems to be cocking its eye towards the 'BROWNIES ON THE BOB' headline....

No, I'll jump straight to the 'Contents' page instead;

Not A Typical Chalkstream

Richard Baker discovers the delights of grayling fishing on prized trout waters.

A Fly To Catch Irish Salmon

Declan Tuffy reveals three salmon patterns to bring renewed hope on difficult days.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
A team of misfits led by Mick O'Farrell ebjoys life's lighter moments as a generous Lough Carra gives up her bounty of trout.

Brownies On The Bob
Stan Headley fishes a little-known loch in Easter Ross for free-taking brownies.

Lethally Leggy
David Palmer ties a deadly Daddy-longlegs.

Trout & Salmon MagazineFEATURES & TACKLE
Salmon Fishing Secrets

Don't believe everything the local “experts” may tell you, advises Allan Sefton, who has his own ideas about how to improve your chances of success.

Fact Or Fable?
Edwin Oxlade dissects some of game-fishing's most memorable natural events.

Fishing The Hopper For Autumn Trout
Hoppers are much more than just terrestrial patterns, writes Bill Rankin, who deploys them wet and dry at the back-end.

Go On The, Grab It!
Paul Procter describes induced-take methods for grayling.

A Boogie Too Far
Jon Beer limps his way towards the wild trout of Islay, once the seat of the Lord of the Isles.

Devil Of A Choice
David Beanland fishes a stream and a neighbouring stillwater for trout. Which is more rewarding?

What's New?
Trout & Salmon's pick of the latest game-fishing tackle.

Woman In Waders
Ally Bremner more than holds her own in the traditionally male preserve of salmon fishing.

Cooking Your Catch
Amanda Robin serves up a warm autumn salad with sea-trout and wild scallops.

Win A Sharpe's Trout Net
Prizes for this month's crossword are 20 sturdy trout nets.

Next Month

A preview of the November issue.

Trout & Salmon's pick of the best new fly-tying materials.

Russian Revelation
Henry Giles encounters an early and plentiful run of salmon on the Kola peninsula's Varzuga river.

A Wilderness Delight
Fishing in the Falklands is the perfect way to re-awaken your sense of wonder.


The latest from the world of game-fishing.

Letters To The Editor
Your views on game-fishing matters.

Property Watch
Derek Bingham on houses with fishing.

Salmon-Fishers' Surgery
Crawford Little answers readers' queries.

Sharpe's Fish Of The Month
Catch a memorable fish and win a salmon of trout rod.

Last Cast
Giles Catchpole explains why you are not getting the piece he intended to write.

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