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  1. Entry No 1 ----------- Cold 'n Clear! ----------------- Main Information Make : Canon Model : Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL Orientation : left-hand side XResolution : 72/1 YResolution : 72/1 ResolutionUnit : Inch DateTime : 2008:02:10 12:35:36 YCbCrPositioning : co-sited ExifInfoOffset : 196 Sub Information ExposureTime : 1/125Sec FNumber : F8.0 ExposureProgram : Landscape Mode ISOSpeedRatings : 100 ExifVersion : 0221 DateTimeOriginal : 2008:02:10 12:35:36 DateTimeDigitized : 2008:02:10 12:35:36 ComponentConfiguration : YCbCr ShutterSpeedValue : 1/125Sec Aperture
  2. Pre-baiting, as you mention, is the key. Lots of it! If you can i.e. you'll need a boat, pre-bait and then fish from Church Island. It was superb when we last fished it (3 years ago probably).
  3. I'll be chasing old Esox too this weekend. Esthwaite on Saturday and roving along the Aire on Sunday.
  4. Kleinboet, I was referring to the original news item. Do you ever stop to think about what you're going to post, or do you just prefer to blunder in anyway? P.S. Just for the record, I wouldn't like it as that would mean the Russian's had invaded British Sovereign territory.
  5. It's just war games. Practice. It's been going on for the last 60+ years and keeps the forces and their suppliers in jobs.
  6. Photoshop'd Bullmastiff......Trust me, they're the worlds friendliest guard dog!
  7. You could always build yourself your own 'proper' smoker..... Like this one
  8. Hmmmmm....Impressive that you've got to meet the 1500 or so folk that are members of the KC. KC Membership
  9. Whilst I don't agree with all you say here Rabbit, I can understand the sentiment. For instance, the Kennel Club should come into the 21st Century and regulate the indiscriminate breeding and selling of any current 'fashionable' and/or large breed much more effectively, or any breed for that matter. The problem is there is money to be made in puppy farming and many large and poorly bred dogs are sold to anybody with the cash by people who don't know the first thing about their dogs. It shouldn't be that simple.
  10. You're losing the plot here Rabbit. I'm guessing you're referring to my Avatar now, not Cranfields. I'd be interested to see myself these stats. and facts that you refer to that Cranfield is supposed to be ignoring.....Over to you to supply them! P.S. It's a Bullmastiff. One word!
  11. Rob, I was listening to a programme on BBC Radio 5 live last month about 'dangerous dogs' and what should be done about them. One of the participating guests, a lady from the Kennel Club, stated that you are statistically very much more likely to be bitten by a human than a dog. The presenter scoffed and was rude to her but soon had to back down when a stream of callers who worked in hospitals, ambulances etc backed this up. Perhaps they should just muzzle all people in public places! It would be a fairly simple process and would at least protect people.....
  12. The above typifies the total crap being spouted about currently as well as after the December incident. The Rottweiler was bred in Germany as a herding dog. The breed is also used in many forces worldwide as a dependable, calm and intelligent police dog.
  13. That's where the grayling is an enigma though. It has an adipose fin but breeds with the Coarse fish.
  14. Thanks Steve. No, there's been no sign of him. The neighbours haven't seen anything of him either.
  15. Sorry to hear of your loss too Jan. I say that because I've a feeling our 17 year old Cat took himself off somewhere to die last night. He'd not been too well for a few weeks now, loosing the odd claw and generally shutting down. We took him to the vets to see what might need to be done but she said it was worth trying a Steroid shot to see if he improves. He did for a while but was feeling very sorry for himself last night. I saw him go out of the Cat Flap early evening after refusing his food and haven't seen him since.
  16. Nothing against it in principle but, to me, it tastes disgusting. Not a patch on zander or perch.
  17. Amazing how many people didn't watch it but could comment 'cos the wife had it on'. Yeah right!
  18. Is it April 1st already.....?
  19. I know 'Thinsulate' do some but they're not that good quality. I stick with my 'Gul' thin fingerless Neoprene's for my Grayling fishing in this cold clear weather we currently have here in W. Yorks. The trick is to wet them to get them to warm up.
  20. I used to until I bumped my rod off the rests and it landed on the ground on my Kingpin's spool rim cracking it. I had to buy a new one at nearly the original cost of the reel.
  21. Paul_D

    Photo Of The Day.

    I don't do heights at all....but today I had to go up Emley Moor transmitter tower (my company has some equipment up there) to learn how to bring down the lift safely in the event of a power fail should I ever be up there on my own. Never been so glad to be back on Terra Firma
  22. Harrison 15' GTi and Bob James Lightweight is what I currently use of choice. I'll have a Witcher too one day!
  23. I don't personally but am thinking of ordering a couple of Pheasants for Xmas dinner. Go for it if that's where your interests are.
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