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  1. Lucky Lucky Man Mark! The only fish my wife has ever seen are those in the fish market.. and of those we have to push through as she can't stand the smell! I took a half day and spent 6 hours in the yak and only managed a perch that got off as I was trying to get the camera out of the bag. Looks like I'll be ordering some more rapalas. Nice catch report.. I mean day out with the family by the way.
  2. A few minutes before the church services started, the towns people were sitting in their pews and talking. suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. Everyone started screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from evil incarnate. Soon, everyone had exited the church except for one old man calmly sitting in his pew without moving, seeming oblivious to the fact that God's ultimate enemy was in his presence. So Satan walked up to the old man and said 'Don't you know who I am?' 'Yep, sure do.' 'Aren't you afraid of me?' 'Nope, sure ain't.' 'Don't you realize I can kill you with a word? 'Don't doubt it for a minute.' 'Did you know that I could cause you profound, horrifying, physical agony for all eternity??' 'Yep', was the calm reply. 'And you're still not afraid??' asked Satan. 'Nope.' More than a little perturbed, Satan asked, 'Well, why aren't you afraid of me?' The man calmly replied......'Been married to your sister for 68 years.'?
  3. California specifically banned the use of lead projectiles (which covers all types of ammunition) because it was believed the endangered Condors were injesting lead fragments after eating carcasses left behind by hunters. New York has something similiar I believe. There are other reasons for banning the use but this one looks like it was driven by conservative and environmental groups. I don't think lead poisoning in waterfowl is any less prominent in the US. It is just less documented and doesn't make the news given the size of the country. There are quite a few health and safety requirements involving lead but they are governed mostly by each state. Without sounding like an anti myself, (banning anything) I personally think it would be prudent to find alternatives and educate people to the dangers of using lead (even in wheel balancing). Banning it in the US won't stop the problem but it may reduce it. If a few animals benefit from it, well they can't be protected from lead that has already been introduced (naturally or not), but they can be protected from the introduction of new.
  4. Speculation on the causes:
  5. I was going to ammend my post and figured someone would be along to say just that Ken. This is the first 'Demonstration' I have seen where anglers have pulled together on really any issue. People start to threaten the sport in such ways and it will be rampant. Looks like for once the fact that the river being owned by various clubs and individuals has actually brought it back around. From what I could gather if the stretch was owned by the council alone things might have been a bit different.
  6. “The district council intends, as part of its re-letting procedure, to introduce a considerate fishing policy into its lease arrangements which would require any clubs taking up the fishing rights to regularly ensure that their members comply with the by laws relating to the use of lead weights.” Sounds fair enough..
  7. So when are you going to have your own boot sale Tigger? Well done BTW!
  8. I have always been a bit skeptical about ebay with regard to that. I once bid on a push bike and the person I was competing with had a username with the last 4 numbers matching. To add to that, they also had created their account the same day the push bike had been opened for bidding. It turned out that I actually new the seller, but it doesn't change the fact that there are ways to 'cheat' at everything. I'm reasonably sure he was bidding on his own item. I don't use ebay very often any more, but I always made sure to look through the comments that buyers were leaving.
  9. Hi Steve, What type of point to point protocol are you using? PPPoA or PPPoE? There isn't much difference between them just that one typically uses a smaller mtu size. Just curious.. Instead of running a speed tester that you downloaded, does your router let you look at the statistics of your connection? Mine tells me that I am getting downstream at 6944kbps and upstream 448kbps. It also tells me line attenuation and noise margin. MTU is set at 1458 and I am running PPPoA. The standard mtu for PPPoE should be 1492 and for PPPoA 1500. Each provider may have a preferred size. Also you should have two different lan cards one for wired and one for wireless. They work independently of each other. When you are using wireless you are in effect using half duplex. You can't send and receive at the same time. Not a big deal if you are just surfing, in fact you will hardly notice. Last question- Are you using DHCP or static IPs?
  10. Accessories and more accessories. I can't say how great they are but it will at least give you an idea.
  11. Have a look Here. You didn't say what type of kayak. All of the project links will take you to other types of kayak. Barring that try a search for your local chandler. I'm at work and have a few links in my favorites at home if you care to order from the internet.
  12. Not having it still Peter? I read through your thread/s in the Tiscali forum. I can't believe that it was a duplex mismatch... Since the router was free, try looking at the MTU size on your router. Since you already ran DrTCP you can follow these steps and see if it makes a difference. Barring that- are you sure screwing with it is worth the amount you would have spent on a new linksys or netgear??? FWIW I thought I read somehere that Siemens no longer supported that model.. You must have alot of patience. I would have melted it down long ago. Last year my wife ordered AOLs premium wireless.. They sent out an identical Netgear DG834g to the one that I've had for years. And I just gave it away!
  13. FF3 Vulnerability May explain why you guys are having problems.
  14. See SNOPES!! That thing is HUGE!! Congrats..
  15. What I meant was that many people wouldn't have stopped to assist, being to busy. Usually someone in that state of mind is initially looking for help - he could have done himself privately if he really wanted to- My point being, maybe just stopping to ask 'if he was alright' was enough to make the guy think someone actually cared. Many people do it because no one stopped to ask. Suicide isn't a joke. Especially if you have lost someone to it.
  16. I know alot of other people that would have just walked on. I hope you're around when I'm having a rough day.
  17. If you are U/L spinning for perch and chub you will almost certainly get pike as well. Even with a trace the line required is too light. I'd be extremely careful and fish waters that are unlikely to have large pike. It is irresponsible especially during summer.
  18. I would wait until some of the older models are going second hand. You can pick one up with many extras for pretty cheap. The new line of Ocean Kayaks is supposed to be available in the UK in July. Should be quite a few. I wish I would have waited for the new line. But I was pretty excited to get started myself. New OK Line Taken originally from here. There is also a thread about the inflatables mostly with undesirable attributes. I would avoid them. I thought the same about stability but I haven't had any problems with it yet. Easy to master. Added: You never said what type of kayak you were after. I just assumed you were after a sit on top to fish from. Necky has a mid range sit in type probably not for fishing..
  19. That does look like a huge feat in engineering.. No fear of heights here. So did you catch anything?
  20. That's terrible Leon. The Twins get their fourth series of jabs tomorrow so here to hoping they'll be well enough for my day out. Hope you feel better.
  21. I thought I'd better get my things ready so I won't be monkeying about Tuesday morning.. My ADHD left me for a few hours as I focused mainly on replacing lure hooks with semi barbless and crimping the barbs on the new lures I didn't think needed replacing. Replaced old rings where they have rusted near hooks on all my lures. Cut the end off my lure rod- the base was too long for repeated casting. I don't think it was designed for what I want to use it for. FWIW, you can't even tell I trimmed it up. Made various size traces. Swivel on one end, snap swivel on the other. Rigged an anchor with 75 meters of paracord, and rigged front and back anchor trolleys to the prowler. AND picked up my local yearbook all in time for Tuesday.. Even managed to cut the lawn! I'm itching to go now!
  22. I sympathize Steve. I bought my rod license yesterday online for the very same reasons. I've changed to Tuesday for a full day off as I'll be fishing from the yak. Still waiting for a call back on my local stretch for a yearbook. I may have to get a dayticket for it..
  23. Well I like it Chav. Centrepin geek indeed!
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