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  1. Thanks Leon. I think that was the one I was referring to. Good information.
  2. I did Budgie. It was pretty late when I posted. I'm going to expand my horizons... I just signed up for one of the AN pins. I'll have a look around and see what I have that is compatible. Now I have to see if Wallis casting is somewhere in youtube. I have seen it described.. Somewhere.
  3. Will any rod fit the bill for these centrepins or do you guys have a preference? I'm interested in length, rigidity, rod eyes and butt? Strange question I know but I haven't a clue. It looks like a giant fly rod to me so could you in theory use a 5/6 wt? ps Nice collections!
  4. I'll be calling in blind thats for sure!
  5. You should have your pictures hosted on a site like http://imageshack.us/ or www.flickr.com Once you upload them you can copy the url and use the insert image button. Piece of cake It helsp to preview incase the sizing is off. If you need help with flickr I can post some pointers. That is where I host mine. And its free if you don't care to do video.
  6. When a criminal type breaks into my boat shed, the first thing they are going to see is my outboard motor stand....but no motor....see where I am going with this? Of course you do. The nefarious cottage criminal sees the stand, realizes it is for outboard motors, and figures "uh-oh...too late, he's taken his outboard motor home." Are you sure you want to build one Elton? Seems almost like it would be inviting unwanted guests.
  7. Funny Barry! I carry this. I have carried it and various knives like it for 20 years. After reading this thread I asked an MOD policeman who said even if it flicks open it's not likely illegal. He gave me the impression that it was up to the discretion of the officer who questions it, though I am only speculating. If there is no boundary then how can you police it reliably?
  8. Ebay Chesters. I just picked up a few near and off side indicators for my 'volvo' for 1/4 the price at the dealer and they were new in the box.. From their .com site not the .co.uk site. and I'm really looking forward to seeing how much this service lamp light is going to cost me
  9. I asked myself those same questions, but really it was all about getting the Knuckleheads out and about on the sand and in the water. Fishing comes a close second to everything else right now and I can't wait to take them. Just keeping them focused on one thing is a struggle! Attention span you know?
  10. My wife and I took the twins to Tenerife a week or so ago and stayed in an obscure and quiet flat on the southeast side of the island. I didn't try to fish but found myself wishing I would have taken at least a fly rod. Ten days til the rivers open! I can't wait. Envious of these guys.. and this was the second taken of these in about 5 days. I think it was a marlin. If I knew they were going to release them after I may have booked a trip.
  11. So does being in the tidal part determine if you need something other than a rod license?
  12. What kind of boat? For my yak- I was required to have a rod license, and a day ticket/year book for the river I fish. I also made sure to become a member of the BCU though this might not be necessary depending on the type of boat you have. Being a BCU member gives you third party insurance and allows access to navigable water. If it isn't navigable, then I believe you need to have landowner consent. The EA website has loads of information as does British Waterways Great Ouse
  13. Hi Ian, The MTU is a maximum transmission unit -the size of an ethernet frame. 1500 is the maximum allowed. Some providers like AOL use a slightly smaller size (1498 I think). There should be a setting in your router that allows you to adjust it but you should probably check to see if your ISP has a preference. Your firewall should have at least these two ports allowed. http traffic (regular browsing) uses port 80 https (SSL) traffic (banking etc) uses port 443 I have been thinking about this for a few days and it just seems odd that you can't access those sites after changing users. Do you have a login for your ISP and are you using that login as your second user?
  14. One of the items on my desk at work says "Sarcasm... another service we offer here" I read your post and thought my initial response might be over the top. Maybe not. It had to do with previous posters commenting on anything with the word carp in a product has to be crap. Purely meant to be tongue in cheek.. I thought I was being polite by not replying! Carbon isn't cheap.
  15. Nice read Mark.. And sounds like you have a great time. Thanks for making me homesick!
  16. Hi Peter, sometimes the simplest solutions are the easiest to try before jumping in with both feet. You should thank Jeeps It was his suggestion. Glad you figured it out though. Variable in speed probably depends on the subscribers in your area.. Its a shame they can't guarantee a speed instead of "offers up to 8MB"
  17. Could be Chris. Can you find iexplore.exe in your F drive and see if you can open it from that drive? I'm out of my element but it almost seems like the browser is trying to open the .exe from the c drive and all or part of it may be missing or in a different place. Have you tried to reinstall it? Perhaps going here might help. use the custom feature as you only need the ie stuff. Added:Excellent Chris glad you figured it out!
  18. Hi Peter, Under internet connections how many lan connections do you have? Try to disable then enable each one- one at a time. You may not be using the right local area connection. Then have a look HERE. I don't want to have to rewrite it. If you have any questions PM me. The cd is just there as a wizard to assist with the set up. You don't really need it. Added: Have a look here as well. Three pages of various issues with this particular gem.
  19. That's good news Susan! Any idea how long he will be away? I've got another friend who had a replacement quite a few years ago- he still does quite well. Look forward to hearing more news soon. All the best!
  20. Hi Ian, I saw something similiar a while ago and it was posted here but I can't seem to find it. It turned out it was a protocol issue with ports or a channel issue router setting or somethingorother. Sorry not much help.. Try to temporarily disable your personal firewall and see if you can hit those sites as a different user. This would indicate a port/firewall issue. You can also try changing channels in your router and double check to make sure the MTU size isn't more than 1500.
  21. Hi Chris, If you find where iexplore.exe is located on your pc you should be able to run it. It is either in a different place or not there. I could be wrong but someone will set us both straight I'm sure. You may have to install it.
  22. Hi Ian, DNS looks like it works fine. (that is what Steve was checking) Can you tell us how you connect to the internet? Is it via broadband modem, wifi or router?
  23. Hi Mrs. W, I've been away for a week and now playing catch-up. Please pass on my best wishes to Mr. W! I'm sure he'll be about in no time.
  24. Hi Den, I think the distrust comes from the idea (conspiracy?) that pharmacutical companies are paying a great deal for top physicians to endorse their products. That being a broad statement. The research can't really be entirely independent can it?
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