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  1. nice boris matt,looks big! got one bigger than my best by 7oz.
  2. no worries mate we got all season yet,plenty of time i'm off tomrrow searching out pastures new,i'll PM ya see how i get on. the jungle look....i like it! well theres always a chance matt,place we were going has exploded with roach,and minnows funnily enough,might explain the finicky takes on deads,well fed pike!
  3. love the huge chub...i mean grassie! nice roach n all,if you catch em like when we go piking, we are laughing mate.... hows the back?
  4. ok i 'll put a few up PB pike PB carp PB perch cracking pike shot
  5. i have just got my self 2 fox piker deadbait rods in 2.75 TC,look the part for 40 notes each just gotta try em out now!
  6. yes it has been a bit wet! temps dropped abit then gone back up to,hope it aint a wet winter! my season wasnt bad last year,but this year i'm trying to be single minded and search out pastures new for teh bigger fish
  7. korda wide gapes all the way for me.
  8. my rods arrived ontime and in a good protective tube,hats off to trevs tackle in chesire,i shall be ordering from them again no doubt : )
  9. the line clip is alot better IMO than any other,but you are right in respects to having sufficent weight, if it works it works! the are a tenner each.
  10. nice one boozle! good days fishing that mate. i been out a little,one venue the pike are being very finicky,slow takes,lightly hooked fish,a lot of lost fish,...not good. still as budgie said alot of cabbages and weed in the river and what with all the rain one of my other venues has been completly unfishable...doh! its still only early tho!
  11. good point anderoo but without sounding funny,cheapness doesnt come into it with my fishing thats the one steve the mk2,nice link to hooked aswell,one of my fave tackle shops in the fens
  12. the fox swingers do all that anderoo, they are not easy to crush mate the head is rugby ball shaped and solid,the clip is pretty much a solar ball clip nad by turning it you can adjust it for differeing line diameters,the sliding wieght is as it sounds adjustable,mine have istopes glued in to the provided slot. when you get a take it pulls straight out of the clip and can take line off an open bail arm at will,so the stiff arm doesnt really come into it,it either ges up and pulls out of teh clip or it drops back. its what suits you really, but i dont think you can beat drop offs
  13. i have the fox drop offs,the ones with the better metal ball clip,and sliding weight. i have used them for pike,zeds and perch and cats,they work perfectly. highly recomended!
  14. bobbins will work for zander,drop off indicators are better,can be fished on an open bail arm thus less resistance.
  15. nightmare... must say the few mail order tackle companys i have used have all been ok,leslies of luton,fosters of b'ham,and lureshack,i have an order due this monday,if all goes well i shall give them a glowing report i did phone them before hand and all seemed very well, i was well spoken too and the fella checked it was in stock before i placed my order, couldnt get them locally.
  16. as far as I am concerned they are welcome. not round my way there not.
  17. nice stripey anderoo, something intimate about fishing tiny rivers,as said they can suprise you,BIG time!
  18. 5.12 i think from steam/stream valley lakes
  19. Here in Southampton we have a pretty large community of Eastern Europeans, maybe the largest in the country, have you visted london recently?
  20. i almost live for it... keeps me going,i love my fishing,when i'm down or peed off i go fishing...i instantly feel better,and its helped me alot in life. sounds silly but its true.
  21. cracking picture,not he brightest of fish but boy they do look good,they pull a bit too!
  22. not sure,they come in size 7 and 10. berkley do some links that are pretty much teh same and just as safe.
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