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  1. Tis is the place to go if you want to buy your licence online. http://www.postoffice.co.uk/rod-fishing-licence?PPC_EARFL_fishing%20rod%20licence?PPC_FL
  2. Well he had been running it as a purely commercial operation for years!
  3. Ah the 1960's if not for all the drugs I took.....................I would remember them well
  4. One of the main problems with mental illness is the fact that most people will never understand what it is no matter how evident the symptoms are, indeed the more evident the symptoms,the less understandable it is to the onlooker. The only people who have any hope of truly understanding mental illness are those who suffer from it,but given it's destructive nature many sufferers succumb to suicide long before they gain insight into their condition.
  5. The first anti virus I used was Norton but it slowed my computer to a snails pace. Tried AVG - both free and paid for - but again it I didn't like the affect it had on my machine. Have been using Avast (free) for the past three years and not had any real issues (so far).
  6. Seems I spoke too soon
  7. Well as a Dolphins fan I wish you both the best of luck
  8. I prefer a 15 foot rod they give good distance with just a basic overhead cast,the secret is to go slow and get the timing right. You can use both multi's and f/s reels but again I much prefer fixed spools as they are better behaved than multi's (no birdsnests) and if you cant cast as far with a fixed spool as you can with a multiplier,then the problem is more likely with your technique.
  9. Shakespeare Agility range offers great quality for the price. http://www.shakespeare-fishing.co.uk/catalogue/rods,20778/sea,71323/agility-long-surf,8294.html http://www.shakespeare-fishing.co.uk/catalogue/reels,20767/agility-surf,8666.html Have a hunt round for cheapest prices most places do them at below RRP.
  10. Very sad loss R.I.P Sir Terrance you will be missed more than you could evey imagine.
  11. Oh please no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The smell of Teachers is enough to turn my stomach................indeed I have yet to find a blended scotch that I can drink...for me it has to be single malt only!
  12. If it's not the link then my laptop is a buggered as yours Newt!
  13. Upgrade to Windows 10 and you'll be rid of IE forever.
  14. Was thinking that myself..................................but then I didn't get this fat thinking anything else
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