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  1. Certainly got a spirit of adventure just a bit daft having no lifejackets though. Thinking back a number of years, I used to fish Sundridge lake, probably 40ft deep, from one of the home made punts(?) with no life jacket and I can't swim either...............sometimes you just don't think. I also made a very small punt to get me across to an island in a large gravel pit.................................. Den
  2. I can forsee the situation where some will take the money and spend the lot in a few months, and then ending up on benefits to top up the OAPension. "There will be trouble in store" Den
  3. And no doubt you will be getting a bill for that "advice". Fingers in the pie come to mind. Den
  4. I thought that as well Magi. Perhaps twig was a little to big and bird was hoping to snap a bit off. Clever things birds, watched a crow picking up a hermit crab shell and dropping it on the shingle..............3 times it tried and the shell didn't break. It then flew a little further and dropped it on the road where it cracked open. Luck or judgement? Crow then shared it with his/her partner Den
  5. Keith, you may experience "ring wraps" with your setup. Leader knot is the cause of the trouble. The answer is to use a braid leader, or braid straight through............60lb straight through will cast plenty distance. Den
  6. the 7000 will suit you fine, plenty of them around, and well proven. You might also like to have a look at the link in my signature, and get yourself a Trigger Den
  7. If they were on film, then they were probably destroyed the same as "The Fishing Race" ones were. Ian Gillespie's school may have a copy of the Fishing Race, I understood that he was given time off to take part on condition the school got a copy. If anyone can trace his school then they may be able to help. Den
  8. If all those pensioners take their money out and spend it (which they will) how are they going to live? OK to allow them to shop around for the best deal, but many will be tempted to buy a new car or take a holiday................and then what ? Den
  9. Interesting bridge that, seems to lead from nowhere and goes nowhere. Apparently it was the driveway to a rather large mansion that was built in the 1600's and burnt down in the 1940's. No sign of it any more, looks like the A2 would have gone right through it if it were still there. Den
  10. Yes Steve, just above Bekesbourne Den
  11. I expect most of you will have seen the famous sketch of Christopher Robin and Pooh sticks. Went for a new walk with the wife and dogs, and discovered this bridge which spans a small winterbourne. Filled with water right now, rushing along, so we just had to play............... Den
  12. My posty and a couple of the regular couriers will "sign for me" and leave the goods in the porch if we are not in when he comes. Very handy as it would be a pain having to rearrange delivery. Never had a problem yet Had another instance where I checked the tracking number and saw the goods had been signed for and delivered.............not to me, I was waiting indoors for the parcel. An hour later the parcel arrived and I queried the signing. Courier said he was being monitored and should have been at my house at about the time he signed....so he covered his back..........an
  13. Doesn't say on there whether they were actually driving or not. Maybe tested before starting work? Den
  14. Chesters, Not if you had to crawl out of the rubble of your dads house. You really can be the most obnoxious guy sometimes. Good find Chris, liked the vid about the fake map Den
  15. Dead right about the hands in the scrum...watching with 3 blokes, and we all shouted at the ref Also, the pathetic gamesmanship at the start....didn't do the welsh any good did it. Den
  16. That is a thing of awesome beauty well done Rob, Den
  17. Son gave me an Ipad Air in December. I downloaded Google earth but only got the "basic" version. None of the little tools like Ruler etc which are on a task bar at the top. Tried 3 times to d/l the full version with no luck, is it an Apple thing that is blocking it? or, like most things Apple, do they want me to pay for it? Also I can receive emails but when I go to send one the pad says my email address is not recognised............. not impressed with Ipad, seems to be aimed at making as much money as possible. Den
  18. What sort of pressure, i.e lbs/sq inch would it be at that depth? Den
  19. Thanks for all your help lads, it was turned off in "my preferences". Who the hell did that I will never know My PC seems to have a mind of its own these days. Just wanted to show off my latest "invention" .........selling quite well Den
  20. Tried Ctrl +F5 what is supposed to happen? Just checked on the ipad and other peoples sigs show up... Steve, can't see anyones on my PC Interesting ! Den
  21. Right, this may have nothing to do with it, but, one of my sons set up an Ipad air for me on the 7th. I have done a system restore for the 7th and still no sig showing on my PC. I will try Ctrl + F5 Back soon............... I hope Den
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