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  1. Tricky one that, my little stream dumps into a 100ltr dustbin and this is cleaned about once a year as the silt and mud builds up. I assume this comes from the atmosphere? The stream bed has an uneven flow with several areas that collect silt and algae, these acting as a filter. Me? I would leave it so, but my wife "tidies up" with a hose when refilling/topping up. Must admit, it does look better when all the gravel and stones are visible Den
  2. As the judge said, he knew someone was behind the door, whoever it was had very little space to use to to take avoiding action, Oscar knew the room was small and was well aware that he was almost certainly going to hit that person when he fired several shots. Therefor his intention was quite clear, and his action was "culpable" Den
  3. May have been meant as a light hearted compliment Kris. Your camo is obviously pretty effective looking stuff and the staff noticed and made what they thought (meant) was a cheerful gesture. When I first took my two wheeled barrow around a carp lake (20 years ago) I got lots of "abuse" "choc ices, lollipop man" were just some of the "insults". But of course they weren't insults. Start to get worried when no one wants to even talk to you. As Andy 1984 said,, ffs it was a joke Den
  4. Lots of the latest sea rods have sections of glass spliced in, mainly in the tip section to show up bites better. I was shown some brand new prototype very expensive 14ft beachcasters at the weekend, and it performed as well as carbon I once took issue with Dick Walker when he said glass was very good for smashing down nettles when clearing a swim Plenty of uses for glass still. Den
  5. Great stuff, real ingenuity and a natural idea of just how to make and shape those bits of scrap metal. Den (looks a bit like my workshop some days )
  6. I think you will find quite a lot of glass in modern sea rods Steve, Den
  7. Sorry Dave, just had a vision of you trying to explain that it wasn't "The formation being described is a massive, cross-bedded, quartzose, non-calcareous, poorly cemented, medium/fine-grained, delta-front sandstone " to a group of school kids perhaps the writer of the signage decided it was easier to put Sandstone, leaving further explanation to others? Den
  8. Ours seems to seed itself almost anywhere, even round the front of the house now Just waiting for it to colonise the bank on the other side of the road .... tried to establish some other "weeds" there, but little success yet, Den
  9. Cor blimey, I bet you are a laugh a minute when out for walkies Me? I just tag along behind enjoying the scenery and flowers. Den
  10. We (wife and dogs) tend to live in our conservatory almost all year round, and just outside the doors, a mass of Verbina (?) grow each year. Butterflies, bees and various other creatures love them and they are ideally situated for the tripod and camera with me behind The moths have visited us for the last 3 years to my knowledge, I spent some hours chasing one last year with pretty poor results, as you say Lutra, they don't stop still for long. It seems that the wind may have helped me as the moth had to fight it to keep station Best year yet for butterflies, up to 7 tortoishel
  11. Steady on old chap, I am only a disciple Seriously though, I had done about 50 sessions after a thornback from the beach, only about 4 pickups which all came off. Decided to put the thinking cap on and apply some carp thinking. Started to think that it may be a hooking problem (specially in view of the ones that came off) So came up with the bait mount so hooks were clear.....................INSTANT and continued success. A bit like when I started to use a hair rig (hook clear) for carp. I know this is a coarse forum, but you can fish huge baits mounted on the wire hair.
  12. Started using that rig early this year, for casting large baits, and it transformed my catch rate. With the hook/s uncovered the hook up was increased dramatically. Can't wait to try it out with sprats for the cod this winter. Still getting out about 3 times a week, funny old world though, I have done more night fishing on the beaches this year than in the last 20 years carpfishing Can't hit the distances I used to do though a little of this might help Den
  13. You might like this setup, been using it to hurl sprats 100yds+ from the beach. Hook is uncovered so EXCELLENT hooking, http://youtu.be/Pr5iI0FMe4w you won't be using leads and clips for piking though just use the wire mount and a bait stop. Den
  14. Managed to get these little clips today, bit shaky, but the wind was quite strong.. best bits towards the middle http://youtu.be/lJag7I3vW34 Den
  15. Tried that Kris, It didn't work, so tried different options (default to ms) and still no joy. Tried restarting and still no! it kept resetting itself to Ask.com I then noticed a little message popped up down the bottom saying " movies toolbar has stopped an attempt to change your homepage", so I clicked on this box and was informed that Bandoo was responsible, (bandoo is Ask, and "movies toolbar" is part of it) and I managed to delete it Thanks for your help Den
  16. Most times when I click on IE I get a screen with Ask on. I don't recall ever asking for ask, how can I get rid of it please? Also comes up when I click on a shortcut icon. Den
  17. You might like this setup, used for skate fishing but I would be very happy using it for pike. Leaves the hooks "floating" so 100% hook-ups. You would be mounting sprats or fillets of fish, and wouldn't need the lead loop, just the clip and bait stop. http://youtu.be/Pr5iI0FMe4w Den
  18. Your last sentence says it all really, especially the bit about lots of viewers Den
  19. We could really do with a few more normal people like him I would hate to end up living in a politically perfect world. Den
  20. Like the marmite one ..............got another nice sole last night 1lb 11oz Den
  21. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes..........that was brilliant Den
  22. My day was even more exciting Barry. Got up about 9 am and had brekky, walked the dogs and then went fishing...caught a nice sole.......phew don't know how you cope mate Den
  23. Ha Ha Barry....I had a 2nd hand Renault traffic van and ran it for 3 years. Never seemed to have much power and would tend to overheat a bit going up hills. Got a bit wealthier and bought a new Transit, dealer didn't want the Renault, so decided to "do it up a bit" and sell it myself. Fiddled with the points and advance /retard bits and suddenly it went like the clappers.....sold it to a mate who blew up the gearbox Den
  24. My wife had an uncle who would eat a whole trout each time he visited.............whole meant head, fins, bones, in fact every last morsel! Den
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