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  1. If the responses on here are anything to go by, then he will probably succeed and who knows? the idea may spread to include other types of fisheries? And as for all the PATHETIC name twisting, how many of you would have the balls to say it to his face? Childish, cowardly and down right bloody ignorant the lot of you, And no, I don't buy Korda gear. Den PS, don't start on my name either or you will regret it.
  2. Best start saving now if that's what you want. Sportsman seems to be very unfortunate with the NHS experience, the flat battery is a classic! Den
  3. There was a Starling at Sutton lakes that imitated a bite alarm.........got many a guy running for his rods Den
  4. Dave, as a pensioner like yourself I am relatively untouched by all that goes on outside my little world, so I will very likely give the UKIP a vote............just to wake the others up Den PS. I think I have taken out a lot more than I paid in as well
  5. Sounds like fun to me Dave. A few more jobs like that and you will start to see the pitfalls BEFORE you commit yourself Keep us posted Den
  6. Well, I for one (76) will continue to have my Flu jabs haven't even had a cold for years now got everything else going wrong....................is there a jab for old age? Den
  7. Looks accessable to me Dave A hacksaw blade held in a bit of cloth will cut thro' the black pipe quite easily, make the cut at least 18" from the pan connector. A couple of offset coupling will get you back, use a bit of the offcut of pipe between the offsets and the rest to meet up with the R/A connector as needed. Den
  8. As the soil pipe is accessible (boxed in?) can you cut off a section about half way and alter the end where the pan fits? A P pan and R/A bend might then do it? A pic would help Den
  9. Lovely stuff Newt...first bit could do with some Appalachian clog dancers behind Den
  10. When I was in my teens (many moons ago) I was investigating a lake in a private estate. It was surrounded with what appeared to be bamboos. I shoved my way in to these (pretty dense) and found the edge of the lake, but could I find my way back? Had I been on my own I may still have been there but headed in the direction from where my mate was calling out to me. Den
  11. Cross the river on the top ferry and walk along upriver for a short distance and you will see "the grids" (groynes) fish these at low water up with peeler..............super bass fishing. Den
  12. Quite simple really, the bobbin should not grip the line at any time, should not need adjusting, should never fall off and should always release when rod is lifted off the rest. Need not be expensive "My Springloks are ) But a lot of cash was spent designing and developing them in an attempt to offer an all singing, all dancing set of indicators, but if you want the best, then you have to pay for it I make no apologies for promoting them on AN or anywhere else for that matter. Like you, I have a box full of reject designs of all sorts of fishing related objects, but one or two succes
  13. Still get the same old problem with the line tending to get jammed down between the balls, and if you set them to loose, or use thinner line, they fall off. "Improving" them with a bit of PTFE tape is a bodge, but if they are cheap enough then it can be put up with, but certainly doesn't qualify for the "Ultimate" bobbin Den
  14. Probably the fish has been "played" for so long it is totally exhausted....inadequate tackle. A bit like those guys who use light tackle to play Barbel and then have to nurse the fish before release as it is totally exhausted. Den
  15. These work really well add a lightweight extending arm and Richards your uncle! Den
  16. That's good to hear Steve the valley up the road from me is gradually filling up, looks like the river Wye for a couple of miles! Den
  17. How is the fishery coping with the water levels Steve? Hope all is well down there, Den
  18. There is a place in Spain called (I think) little Gibraltar , I had the misfortune to drive a hired car up the track to the radio station at the top. I had two of my sons with me aged about 6 and 8. Single track, sheer drop on one side to the sea, sheer cliff on the other side straight up. We got near the top and found the gate shut ...............and no room to turn. Surface covered in loose grit, strange car, young kids and a very concerned Dad. I decided it was to risky to try and reverse back down, so got the kids out and VERY VERY carefully made a 20 point turn................at
  19. R I P Pete, wonderful voice, Den
  20. Last week, alternate wet and windy days, I put up a new fence. Had to remove lots of undergrowth to get old fencing away. On the thursday a Peacock butterfly appeared, I assumed I had maybe disturbed it from hibernation. Today, went for a walk to Crundale, fabulous views, one of our favourite walks, especially coming back down About midday, sat in conservatory, bright sun, admiring my new fence and spotted this butterfly down the garden on a viburnham bush. Went to get a closer look and it was a large (probably male) Red Admiral. Called wife to come and see while I rushed in for c
  21. One of my favourite haunts in the past was the upper reaches of the little river Eden in Kent. At and above Crowhurst there were a series of tiny weirs, brick built with wooden boards which could be added to or removed as needed to control the flow and levels. Obviously had all been built and managed but quite what for I never found out, most of the local farmers hadn't any idea, but I did think it had been done to maintain a sufficient level of water to be used as a trout fishery? Now this river floods if you pee in it, always has done since I first fished it in the early 1950's,
  22. poledark


    Probably could be taken as quite an insult then? Especially coming from an MP Den
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