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Ohh, top man, thank you very much Budgie. :thumbs:


(and now trying his luck) Does anyone know a good boilie flavour and size for tench? :D


And the best bit? I had 100% confidence in my 'should I get to Wingham tench methods and bait', and it didn't involve boilies! Now I'm full of doubt and back to square one! Grrrrr. :rolleyes:


Honestly don't worry about it - bait is the last thing to get worried about! If you're using boilies I'd go for the little 10mm ones personally, but you can use either one or two on a hair. If you get your bait (whatever it is) in the right place, you'll catch. That's the really vital bit.


By mid-late May I'd put red maggot as the absolute top tench bait, at least in the daytime (eels can make that 'interesting' at night!).


EDIT: in case that reply sounded like a knock-back (it wasn't meant to!) there isn't much in the way of boilies tench won't eat, fruity ones or fishy ones. I'd probably go for a good quality (frozen, ideally) fishmeal, just because then there's probably more chance of a bream too. But eels like them...!


It the baiting that's more important, you're aiming to pick off small groups of fish as they move about, rather than attract and hold large groups of fish. So maximum attraction (including visual attraction for the tench) and minimum food is the way to go. Even the big bags of tench are usually taken over small amounts of bait.


If in doubt, I'd follow Steve's advice and fish worms or maggots, they work just as well (if not better) than anything else. Maybe with a change bait for the night because of the eels.


Remember there are some some whacking great perch in there too, another good reason to use worm.

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And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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Well I feel a little more relaxed bait wise now, thanks guys. I'll add some boilies to my arsenal just in case.


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I have only just seen this, been so busy with other things. Unfortunately I am going to have to miss out again. I have to attend a memorial on the Saturday, but shall endeavour to make it next year.


I love Wingham and am itching to get back there.


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Hi Seph

Haven't heard from you for some time if you cannot make Wingham do you think you will be up for Timsbury this year?





After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.



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Bookings are now closed.


I'm very surprised to say that I'm not oversubscribed. In fact, quite by chance I've got exactly the right number! Having said that I could probably squeeze 1 more in as 2 members are fishing different days.


I have the following booked. Please let me know if I've missed you out.


Elton (Murphy)

Si (Ford)

Rob Ward

Richard Capper

Tony U (Tony Urwin)

Soozie U (Sue Urwin)

Maddog (Colin Rennison)

Flying Tench (John Clarke)

Jedibond (Ian Shiels)

Dales (Stephen Dales)

Anthony 78 (Ant Chance)

Cliff63 (Cliff Townsend)

Angly (Geoff Brown)

Steve Walker

Jeffwill (Jeff Williamson)

Wellyphant (Gavin Maudsley)

Leon (Roskilly)

Medway Green (Richard Morcombe)

Tigger (Ian Woods)

Miroku (Steve Blackburn)

3 Doors Down (Nic Horne)

KAYC (Kevin Clarkson)

Terry T Shirt (Terry Read)

Poledark (Den Darkin)

Tincatinca (Paul Westcott)

Steve Campbell

Anderoo (Andrew Walker)

Will Wilkinson

Andrew Burgess

Budgie (Burgess)


All on the above list will either have received a questionnaire or will get one shortly. Please do send these back to me asap as there's a mass of work still to do.

Edited by Steve Burke

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I may have to do a little dance round my office! :lol:


I'd better get my gear sorted out, fishing and camping-wise!

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I can't believe it :o Cheers Steve!


I never expected to be fishing this year, what a fantastic surprise.


I'm afraid that means I'll be needing my banksticks and bobbins!

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And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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