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Wingham Fish-In Reports

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First of all thanks to Steve, Peggy, Dave L and the Bailiffs for putting on another great fish-in! It really is very much appreciated and the long trip is always so worthwhile, I just love Wingham and if I lived south of Birmingham I'd be after a Ticket!


Over the weekend I had three Tench weighing 7lb 8oz, 7lb and 6lb. :0) Two of which topped my previous P.B of 6lb 8oz - also from Wingham!


Will - could you please mail the photo's to [email protected] ? Thanks!


I also had a few small Perch and an Eel of around 2lb's.


I missed a lot of runs on Sunday evening, the takes were very finicky. I definitely lost a bream at one point - 18 inches of slime on my hooklink. :0(


It was good to put some faces to names, apologies to those I didn't get to speak to - hopefully next year!


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What can I add to what has already been said. If only more fishery owners would go to the trouble that you and the bailiffs have gone to, all our fisheries would be such heaven to fish. Add to that the tremendous hospitality and company, you have the recipe for a great weekend. My brother and I may not have caught any of the main species (being in your favourite swim may have been the kiss of death)but he will not forget catching vegetarian pike and eel (both on sweetcorn).


Thanks again and we really hope to see you next year.




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I would also like to say a big thank you to Steve,Peggy and the bailiffs. Wingham has to be the most beautiful place I have ever fished. As steve mentioned I will be taking a warmer sleeping bag next year as we were sat right in the teeth of that northerley wind all weekend.

Had a fantastic weekend, only got about 1 hours sleep in 2 nights but it was great to sit out and watch the wildlife at 4 in the morning. I even saw my first Egret.

AS for the fishing, I managed my pb perch of 3lb 2oz which I thought was a tench at first but was amazed to see it had stripes. Awesome fish. hopefully you can see the piccy below Posted Image

Great to meet a few members and hope to see you all again next year.


Effort equals reward!!

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Newt has just been in contact suggesting I set a date for next year's Fish-In anytime in May and he'll fit his holiday around it. This was my reply:


"Right, it'll be Saturday May 21st to Monday May 23rd.


The following weekend is out as it's a bank holiday and half term. Peggy still teaches part-time so we've often got plans for that week. Moreover, it's one of the busiest weeks of the year on the roads, and so it might be sensible to be on your way home by Thursday at the latest and fly over well before the Fish-In.


In fact I'll probably bring all future Fish-Ins forward as it's becoming apparent that the bream seem to spawn about the first week in June. The last couple of years we've lost a few big ones to stress at this time, and so it'll be better to avoid fishing for them until they've recovered.


Before spawning they're in much better condition, and also of course at a heavier weight than for several months. Thus there's more chance of a record. However, the most important point is to avoid fishing for them immediately post-spawn."


It'll mean we've more chance of getting cold northerly winds (that affect us more than elsewhere as they come off the cold North Sea that's only a few miles away.) But that's a chance we'll have to take - the fish come first.


Mind you, the weather has been unkind to us the last 2 years on the second weekend of June!

Wingham Specimen Coarse & Carp Syndicates www.winghamfisheries.co.uk Beautiful, peaceful, little fished gravel pit syndicates in Kent with very big fish. 2017 Forum Fish-In Sat May 6 to Mon May 8. Articles http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/steveburke.htm Index of all my articles on Angler's Net

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I have arranged for wind and rain


Brenda is twisting my arm to visit relatives in Cape Cod in July next year, so if you fancy some striper fishing Newt.......


Anyone else?


Tight Lines - leon

RNLI Shoreline Member

Member of the Angling Trust

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Steve - looking forward to it already. In fact, Jan & I are salavating at the chance to catch some fish we've never even seen (bream, tench, others) and some others that never get above tiddler size where I live (perch, a couple of close pike relatives). Also plan to have fun trying some gear and tactics that I've only read about.


Leon Roskilly:

Brenda is twisting my arm to visit relatives in Cape Cod in July next year, so if you fancy some striper fishing Newt.......

1000 miles - a little far for me Leon but if you want to take a jog south and fly home via Charlotte, NC, then we can certainly do some fishing.


Not sure about your schedule but if this is a possibility, let me know.


[ 14. June 2005, 04:23 PM: Message edited by: Newt ]

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