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Beginning of the end??????

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Peter Waller:

Might be something to do with protecting those who can't protect themselves, especially animals...

Hmmmm. Call me 'old Mr. Practical' but I don't think bringing in legislation that'll see untold numbers of foxes shot, snared and trapped amounts to 'protecting', mate. :rolleyes:


I'm no foxhunter but this ban will lead to wholesale slaughter, no doubt about it.




[ 16. September 2004, 08:36 AM: Message edited by: Wordbender ]

And on the eighth day God created carp fishing...and he saw that it was pukka.

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Is this not a human rights issue.....does the Goverment have the right to ban people for there pastime on there own private land.....I don't believe they should be allowed to do this. Cock fighting is still preverlent throughout Britain and this is so difficult to Police so how can they Police fox-Hunts, oh sorry as Mr. Blunkett says they'll install 300,000 CCTV camera's, talk about idiots in office.

As far as angling goes, I do not think that it will come into focus for banning. It creates funds for the goverment and the reason drivers are picked on is that driving is a neccesity to life.

The whole issue of Fox-hunting is Teflon Tony Blair trying to distract, this has to be the worst Goverment that I have ever seen in office, I voted labour the first time around and will never ever vote for them again they ate nothing short of a total disgrace. Here they are talking of Fox-hunting in Parliment when 100's of people are getting killed in a war zone that we are involved in, the mind boggles.

And for the record I have no real feelings on Fox hunting.



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I don't like the thought that the antis have a victory and worry that it will embolden then. But lets get it Straight, there has been a huge campaign to get rid of fox hunting for over 80 years, every opinion poll in recent times shows a of large majority of the population wanting a ban on fox hunting. Part of the reason is that foxes are fluffy wuffy cute dog like creatures while the hunters are perceived as hoity toity upper class tossers. However, the vast majority of the public are apathetic on the issue of fishing. The public don’t care about fish otherwise there would have been more of an outcry about the Thames pollution incident. Fishing (particularly coarse fishing) is mostly a working class activity with most of it occurring in towns and cities. I don’t think we should be complacent we will get more problems from antis but we need not panic either we must be united and ensure we have an effective PR plan for the next few years to extol the benefits of angling to society.

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peter i am so glad that you brought up the issue of the manifesto and it being a government pledge to ban hunting.


in that you are correct, but are you aware that on pure number of votes that labour got around 25% of the entire votes cast, by your rationale entirely 75% of the country DIDNT vote them in on this pledge.


likewise these mori polls etc. have you ever been asked, i know i havernt. i wonder where these polls are conducted? the way they do it is to shoot offto where there will be lots of people.


i dont consider asking the local housewives at tesco's a bloody representation of this country.


terry i couldnt agree more with everything you have said, i wonder what the reaction of these tree huggers will be when the fox is an endagered species???

Mark Barrett


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Just a thought but given that the Ban Hunting has been a labour plan for ages.How many anglers voted for the labour party in the last election and now that Angling may be considered to be in their sights,How many will either not vote or will still vote labour next year.

Yes you have guessed ...will still vote labour.....bet they do...


ps wearing tin hat and flak jacket... :D



AKA Nurse Jugsy ( especially for newt)

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. Cock fighting is still preverlent throughout Britain and this is so difficult to Police so how can they Police fox-Hunts,  

Half a dozen blokes cock fighting in a shed are a little more inconspicuous than hundreds of toffs in red coats on large nags chasing miles and miles across the country side. Not to mention scores of baying hounds, horns and crowds of followers.

You wouldn't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out where they are :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Tally Ho


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