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Beginning of the end??????

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John 'Wearyone' once again you and I are going to have to cross swords ....Sadly.

A trawl throught the internet and other places will reveal that for a long time I have worked to defend angling and to positivly go on to the attack against those who would seek to damage this sport of ours and I deeply object to your accusing me of ancouraging the anti's to attack us!


I note that you have recently got off your backside and are starting to do something for angling as membership secretary of the SAA and I will admit that I have as yet to send this years subs however this does not entitle you to pass judgement on the work or motives of others from what is obviously a position of no knowledge whatsoever!



On this matter I await your apology.......!


Further the sad reality is that I fully predict what I have written will come to pass in large measure.....Unless anglers stop arguing endlessly amongst themselves about the minutea of who should represent them and how and get of their rumps and start to do something positive.


Again a trawl through the forums on this site will reveal the kind of interminable and childlike arguments of this nature dam near ad nauseum!


As for living in the real world I suggest that you take a closer look at the very real life tactics of the anti mobs against huntingdon life sciences and many other similar campaigns.


Belive me the lowlifes that undertake and support the thuggery that is a feature of these campaigns will be taking great heart from the banning of foxhunting and see it as a vindication of this type of behaviour.


Have little doubt that there will be a further increase in this sort of behaviour against anglers in the future.


To ignore this as a viable risk is the height of thoughless folly.

I am not trying to overstate the position but anglers need to wake up to the fact that trying to ban angling will become a viable living for some people.


Fox hunting was supported by many rich and powerful people who were well organised and yet they have finally lost there freedom under the law.


The biggest thing in angling's favour is the number of participants however sheer numbers alone count for nothing if those numbers cannot be mobilised into an effective unit.


Doing that is the single biggest challenge that angling faces .



The real world John consider this 20 million drivers are presently subject to a reign of terror via speed cameras...What have they been able to do about it..... Thats a lot of numbers John but unless organised and mobilised ...powerless

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical

minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which

holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd

by the clean end"



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too true alan. this idea of democracy is quite frankly ludicrous. every time you get one of those hand wringers from labour on the telly they just state they are doing the "will of the people".


well that will was quite forcibly shown with the petrol dispute, but they dont reduxce tax. it has been shown time and time again that despite people may well have a huge majority against something the government rarely bends to that will. the poll tax being the only one i can remember.


alan's point about proffesional lobbiers is vwery valid. yesterday one of the channels had peter tatchell on there criticising hunting. this is the guy that goes around getting his smarmy face on any protest going, when the reality is that all he has ever really been interested is in being able to legally ###### ## #### ####. thats the type of cretin that will be joining in.


***Edited by Gaffer***


[ 17. September 2004, 11:51 AM: Message edited by: Gaffer ]

Mark Barrett


buy the PAC30 book at www.pacshop.co.uk


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I personally have nothing against angling mobilising against the anti faction. My arguement is with the CA. The CA's blatant use/abuse of angling to its own ends is simply not acceptable. That an officer of the SAA is prepared to stand up and be counted is commendable. The unfortunate spin off of their abuse is that it is further alienating anglers.

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Foxes are vermin and need to be controlled. How will this happen now?

Can't use poison, might get badgers etc

Can't use traps, same reason

Shooting, can it be assured that there will be a clean kill every time or doesn't it matter that it might die in a ditch somewhere as long as it isn't being chased by dogs who cares?

I keep saying this, but hunting does not control foxes. Every year around 120,000 foxes are intentionally killed. Hunting only accounts for about 15,000 (12½%) of these. The rest are killed by game keepers and farmers. In fact the hunt is probably the least efficient method of fox control we have.


If hunting is banned, the gamekeepers will no longer risk upsetting their employers by killing too many foxes and they just may start to exterminate them to extinction, at least until game shooting is banned.


By the way, I don't want to ban hunting, but I don't much care for the hunt either. We were once banned from 600 acres of shooting because the owner, a keen huntsman, saw us shoot a fox on his land.


[ 16. September 2004, 10:26 PM: Message edited by: Lid ]

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When the hunts run foxes are managed, this will no longer happen. Foxes will be shot at, poisoned, trapped etc. More foxes will probably die a painful death now then when they were hunted.


Will the anti hunting folk care? will they do anything about it? I don't think so, they have got what they wanted, something banned. Now they will move on to something else they want banned.




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Please refrain from personal attacks and any (possible) liabelous or slanderous comments.


This thread is being watched closely.


Many thanks.

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If a farmer has a problem with foxes, let them deal with them.

They seam not to have a problem shooting a family dog if found worrying livestock.

Or is that too simplistic? Or very little fun?

Tight Lines,




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Sorry to disagree with you Gaffer, but Mark (Barett) was spot on, he, Peter Tatchel) has , and still does campaign for the lowering of the "age of consent" so where is the problem in stating it on this forum? Tatchel may actually be pleased to see his favorite subject raised here


Den :mad:

"When through the woods and forest glades I wanderAnd hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur,And hear the brook, and feel the breeze;and see the waves crash on the shore,Then sings my soul..................

for all you Spodders. https://youtu.be/XYxsY-FbSic

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Very recently (like in the last couple of weeks) the company I work for was found out by an animal rights group to be a supplier of services to Huntingdon Life Sciences - the (in)famous animal experiments lab. A BIG contract, apparently.


A few members of the activist group started *peacefully* protesting outside our main gate. Just a big banner saying "This company deals with HLS" etc. and some standard pics of monkeys with lab-gear fitted etc. Just two or three people with air horns and leaflets that they tried to give to people coming in and out of the main gate.


I only saw them there a couple of times. Guess what? Due to their actions (and I assume that's all they did, and didn't threaten the chief exec's family or anything), our company has terminated the contract.


So anybody who doesn't think these activists have any effect should keep this in mind. A few people brought a BIG company to it's knees... Fishing is just as vulnerable - and we should be careful.

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