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Can Anyone Help Me With A Reel I Have Been Given

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I am new to this forum so bare with me.


I have been given a Masterline WSS600 John Wilson Six Shooter Baitcaster Reel and I am at a loss as to what all the bells and wistles do on the reel. If there is anyone out there who can give me answers to the following questions I would be very grateful.


Next the winding handle there s a spoked wheel. What is this for?

On the left hand side on the reel casing is round ajustment knob which is about 12mm in diameter. What is this for?

On the right hand side on the reel casing is another ajustment knob which is about 20mm in diameter. What is this for?

At the back of the casing on the lfet hand side is a slide switch which is marked FLIPPING. What is this for?


I hope someone will be able to help me and look forward to your replies.


Kind regards,


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Where's your sense of adventure?



Tie some 20lb b/s line to the dogs collar and have a play.



In other words: I'm sorry, I haven't a clue. :blink:

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Hi and welcome to AN.

The Six Shooter is what's known as a "baitcasting" or "multiplier" reel and is designed primarily for casing lures on a short rod that is designed to work with this kind of reel.

It has to be said the six shooter has a mixed reputation but free is free.


For a basic overview of how they work, try this:



Obviously, if your reel has the other side, the controls will also be reversed and don't worry that this is a slightly different shape of reel. The only thing that might be different is the breaking system.

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Thanks for that Ken, cleared a lot up for me too.


I use braid and a small fixed spool reel for lure fishing and often find that loops of line get dragged off the spool before it's their turn leading to tangles going through through the rings. I might try the 'American Way', Budgie's also pretty clued up on baitcasters if I remember correctly.

It's never a 'six', let's put it back

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Whilst free is cheap enough using it requires learning enough new technique you just as well go fishing instead of giving yourself fishing lessons. Even when you figure out "how to" - doing it is another matter. You can set the drag so when casting you don't get a birdsnest. Most just feather with a thumb.


Don't the sea guys use baitcasters (multiplyers)?



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There is one big fault with the six shooter and thats the slipping clutch. No matter how tight you try to set it you cant, as its pre set in some way. Meaning it will slip at a lower pressure than you want. This doesnt help in setting the hooks.

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Rusty multis tangle a lot more than fixed spools with backlash but easy enough to sort. You get an educated thunb after a while and can sense a backlash about to happen and slow the spool a bit to compensate.


Grumpy, use yer thumb to stop the spool moving when striking :P

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