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Float Weights

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Posted on behalf of Stephen. Please add all replies to this thread:


I am very new to the sport of fishing (3 weeks)is their anyone who can explain or knows where on the web to explain what the numbers on floats mean ie 4ssg, 5ssg etc other than its the amount of weight you use. how much weight is 4SSG

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Posted on behalf of Stephen. Please add all replies to this thread:



I don't know how accurate this is but found it while browsing a while back for Styl weight equivalents when setting up pole rigs.


Hope it helps


Split shot size Weight Shot equivalent

3SSG 4.8g 6 x AAA

2SSG 3.2g 4 x AAA

LG 3g

LSG 2g

SSG 1.6g 2 x AAA

AAA 0.8g 2 x BB

AB 0.6g 2 x No1

BB 0.4g 2 x No4

No1 0.3g 3 x No6

No3 0.25g 2 x No6

No4 0.2g 3 x No9

No5 0.15g 2 x No8

No6 0.1g 2 x No10

No8 0.06g 2 x No11

No9 0.05g

No10 0.04g 2 x No12

No11 0.03g

No12 0.02g 2 x No13

No13 0.01g

Pole float size Weight Shot equivalent

3 x 10 0.10g 2 x No10 shot

4 x 10 0.15g 3 x No9 shot

4 x 12 0.2g 5 x No10 shot

4 x 14 0.4g 6 x No8 shot

4 x 16 0.5g 8 x No8 shot

4 x 18 0.75g 3 x No3 shot

4 x 20 1g 4 x No3 shot

5 x 20 1.25g 5 x No3 shot

6 x 20 1.5g 6 x No3 shot

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Actually, now that I come to think of it, what is that 'G' in SSG about?



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This might be a little simpler for folk like myself, who just want to throw a float around now and again with a reasonable amount of accuracy. I doubt I'll ever use a pole, so this is about all I need to know.


Split Shot Size - Weight


3SSG = 4.8g

2SSG = 3.2g

LG = 3g

LSG = 2g

SSG = 1.6g

AAA = 0.8g

AB = 0.6g

BB = 0.4g

No.1 = 0.3g

No.3 = 0.25g

No.4 = 0.2g

No.5 = 0.15g

No.6 = 0.1g



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I've just always gone by the rule of each is half the weight of the one above it...easier than learning all those numbers!

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