The perfect gift for any carp angler!

Ali Hamidi’s Carp Fishing Masterclass is a fantastic publication with over 330 pages, totalling 32 chapters, and crammed full of detailed carp catching information. And, with Christmas just around the corner, here’s a little deal we found on Amazon that would put a smile on any carp angler’s face!

As the seller states, the book is a must read for any carp angler irrespective of experience. With so many methods at an angler’s disposal, it can be very difficult for many carp anglers to understand what to use and when to use it. Ali Hamidi’s Carp Fishing Masterclass helps to demonstrate exactly how to get the best from a huge number of methods. Ali himself has extensive experience combating big fish venues, but is equally at home cutting his teeth on heavily stocked and pressured day ticket venues.

Ali Hamidi's Carp Fishing MasterclassIt’s this experience that makes the content of this book so valuable to the reader and will help people of all abilities to convert time on the bank into fish in the net. This book is focused on outlining the most important processes of carp fishing. It dispels myths about tackle and baits and helps to describe the best way to approach your angling. The detail of knowledge that Ali passes on has to be read to be believed. The focus of the book is to help all anglers understand many skill-sets. Subjects such as: Watercraft, Baiting up, Clipping up, Essential Kit, Boilies, Meat, Supermarket baits, Secret hookbait recipes, Maggots, Liquid foods, Fish care, Lead systems, Rigs for all situations, Float fishing and Stalking to name but a few!

This is a great book that readers will find great for reference, in so much as they can keep coming back to it time after time when they are thinking of ways to overcome problems they are faced with out on the bank. A cracking read that’s right at the top of our Christmas list! What’s more, at the time of writing it was being offered for just £14.99 with only 99p postage and packing!

At this price it’s highly likely they won’t be around for long, so get in there quick and bag yours now! CLICK HERE to check current availability.

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