Nash Monster Pursuit DVD's

When you consider how many specialist carp magazines and books there are these days, it’s surprising that there aren’t that many top-end videos and DVD’s on the subject. I suppose that there’s a risk factor involved for any company considering producing one. To do so costs money, lots of it, and you’d really need to be one of the pioneers of carp fishing to do it properly.

No surprise, then, that Nash have launched two at the same time!

Monster Pursuit Volumes 1 and 2 have just hit the shelves and, priced at just £14.99 each, they are bound to be a big hit.

Each DVD is presented by Nigel Botherway. Those of you with Sky TV may well know him • he definitely adds the professional touch that can make or break a production.

Content comes from Jim Shelley, Gary Bayes and Dave Levy. Each of these guys has caught English carp over 50lbs, so they really do walk-the-walk! Getting inside these guy’s minds is like getting inside the mind of a carp itself!

Volume 1 gives advice on choosing a swim, some rig ideas, views on bait and a whole load more. There are sections containing underwater footage that are simply outstanding. And then comes the icing on the cake • a 45 caught on film! Seeing it landed from a dinghy makes for classic viewing!

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also bonus footage of Nash’s beautiful Lac Chateau Cavagnac in France and a quick tour around the Nash bait factory.

Volume 2 carries on with our masterclasses and includes an insight into tackle from Gary Bayes, a look at the Bungee Rig from Dave Levy, Pop-Ups with Jim Shelley, lessons on Spod & Marker use, reading the weather and more. Of course, there’s also some cracking action shots of fish being caught, right from the buzzer screaming off up to the point when the fish is returned.

For those of you who like the ‘circuit’ carp, there’s also an excellent discussion between our trio regarding Two Tone. As two of them have already caught this fish, you know they’re talking sense!

And, as the icing on the cake, there’s an interview with Kevin Nash himself. Kevin rarely gives interviews, so it’s great to hear him giving the viewer an insight into how he started carp fishing, how Nash Tackle came about and how he still enjoys carp fishing today! I was particularly surprised to learn that Nashy’s favourite target species is actually the perch. Seems he’s a true all-round angler.

These Monster Pursuit DVD’s will strike the right balance with just about every carp angler in the UK. There are no egos on display and no bull • it’s just three carp anglers laying their skills open for the world to see. Some of it is great for entertainment, some of it great for education. And, at £14.99 each, they’re not going to break the bank!

Monster Pursuit Volumes 1 and 2 are available now from your local Nash stockist, details of which can be found on

Elton Murphy
November, 2005