Revenge Of The Syndicate – Part V

Before I review this book, let me share a bit of my knowledge of Mark Cunnington's 'journey' with the syndicate.

I first met Mark a few years ago. He wrote a few bits that were published on Anglers' Net, way back in the beginning, and mentioned that he was writing a book of 'carp fishing fiction'. Like many at the time, I was interested, but wondered if he'd ever manage to write two books on the same subject. Selling the concept of angling fiction was never going to be easy....especially as he publishes the books himself!

Well, I met Mark just after this book was launched and can tell you that he broke even in just two weeks! That tells you just how keen buyers of the previous books in this series were to lay their hands on a copy!! Well done, Mark.

I sometimes bump into Mark on a syndicate water that I fish. He's one of those anglers that you hope to see, as he always has time for a chat and is a 'proper lad'. He's always pretty handy with a carp rod, so it's nice to know that this venture into the unknown is paying off for him. Who knows, it may even encourage others to try to buck the trend.

Anyway, enough about the author; on to the book....

What do carp anglers do when they're not landing fish?

Tie rigs? Watch the water? Bait up? Read Carpworld? Sleep in their bivvies? Drink coffee? Eat?

Well, that's what I thought the main options were, but it appears that we drink Absinthe, enter each others' minds, change the future and oversee bankside pornographic film shoots, amongst other things!

In Revenge of the Syndicate Part V, we join our heroes, Matt and Rambo, once again. Matt's personal life is in ruins and he'd do anything to get it back together. He's a carp angler on the edge! However, running a syndicate means he's got to get on with the associated daily tasks, too, like, err, accommodating a film crew and a few porn stars. Who would have believed that this film shoot would change the future for not just Matt, but for our camo-clad friend, Rambo, too?

It's difficult to review a fiction book without giving away too much of the plot, so I won't make this long winded. Suffice to say that Mark Cunnington has found new avenues to explore and that his writing style is definitely more 'polished' than it was first time around. If you've read all of the previous books (and you really need to read them in order to keep up with the plot), then you'll have seen Mark grow as an author.....and you'll probably be one of those who bought this book in the first two weeks!

I mentioned in a previous review that these books were geared towards an adult market. In the case of this one, I would say for sure that it is an over 18 book. It contains swearing and content of a sexual nature, which is really for the broadminded.

What is a bit worrying is that these books are works of fiction, but I know for a fact that much of their content is based on Mark Cunnington's real life observations and experiences. I think I may zip up the bivvy next time I see him setting up his!

The Syndicate range of books aren't so much 'read' by me, as 'devoured'. I love reading them and my only complaint would be that I am left wanting to read the next one as soon as I've finished the last. If Mark really does know somebody who can travel into the future, he should get them to do so NOW and bring me back the next three books in the range!

Revenge Of The Syndicate Part V is available from www.CarpBooks.Com priced at £10.95, plus shipping. You can also order via the phone on 01424 202848.