By Malcolm Greenhalgh

There are many species of insect of interest to the fly fisherman as they try to imitate the things that their quarry will eat, ranging from chironomids through to the sedges and even some terrestrials like the hawthorn and heather flies, but perhaps the group that holds the most fascination are the ephemerides from the diminutive caenis, but the top of the tree is the mayfly. Anyone who has been on a river when the mayfly hatch is on they will well you that it is one of the most wonderful sights in nature, as these beautiful big flies emerge from the surface of the water. It is to this wonderful insect that Malcolm Greenhalgh and it’s effect on the trout ….and the angler that is the subject of his latest book.

As could be expected from an author who has a doctorate in invertebrates he is able to give a very good description of the mayfly and it’s life history  Interwoven with this is as history of anglers and their relationship with the mayfly  this has not been done in a dry and dusty style it is very enjoyable as well as being easy to read and digest.

The Mayfly and the TroutThe book then goes on to have a look at the huge range of imitations that have been and still are being use by anglers to deceive their quarry. These include many historical dressings as well as more contemporary wet flies dry flies and nymphs The fly dressers amongst you will have fun trying out all of the different recipes, interspersed with these are lots of fun and interesting asides.

From here the book goes on to a series of anecdotes both the authors own and an anthology of others.

It was a brave move to dedicate a whole book to one insect. However, on this occasion, Malolm has pulled it off with some style.

This book is written in a light hearted chirpy manner and is eminently readable, yet contains much of substance and will be a welcome addition to the shelves of all good fly anglers.

Highly recommended.


The Mayfly and the Trout
By Malcolm Greenhalgh
Medlar Press – CLICK HERE
Price £25
IBSN 978-1-907110-09-2
A review by M.A.Roe

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