ACE Leads

I get through quite a few leads each season as the lead clip set up I often fish is designed to dump the weights and prevent fish becoming stuck in snaggy areas I prefer to target.

The huge range available from the ACE (Advanced Carp Equipment) means that there is a lead for any situation I find myself in. I’ve recently had chance to use a wide variety of the ACE leads alongside other ‘elements’ of their terminal tackle and I’m hugely impressed with the quality and price.

Many anglers may not give as much thought to lead choice as they should. The lead can vastly improve presentation and bite indication in any method and should be considered as important as bait choice. With the pre-tied lead clip rigs produced by ACE, I’ve been using dumpy pear leads to fish short range swims in shallow island margins. The shape of the lead prevents it rolling away from the point of impact and potentially tangling the hook link or pulling the bait away from the intended spot. I always try to get away with the lightest weight to reduce swim disturbance, so the 1oz or 1.5oz version is perfect.

ACE carp leadsFor longer range fishing on harder lake beds, ACE supply distance leads between 2.5ozs and 4ozs. These leads have the casting mass well forward to enable the angler to cast greater distances and the lead will remain stable in flight to enhance accuracy. The stubby range of leads fits between dumpy pears and distance weights as a more general purpose lead used for all round angling and is offered in sizes from 1.5ozs to 4ozs to suit various situations.

Anglers who favour an inline set up are also well catered for; the assortment of products allows outstanding bite detection as the full weight of the lead is transferred to the hook as soon as the hook link is tightened by a fish. With weights again from 2-4ozs, there is something for all.

Finally, the ‘grippa’ series of inline and swivel bombs almost guarantees bait placement on slopes at up to 75 yards. The innovative design holds the lead where it hits as the large surface area generates enough friction to hold it in place without fear of slippage.

All of the ACE collection feature top quality matt black crane swivels, or rubber sleeves to hold a size 8 swivel and are finished in camouflage hi-impact plastic powder coating. Each one I’ve used has been accurately manufactured to ensure it is the designated weight and I’ve yet to have a breakage or tangle which I can attribute to the lead. If I’m honest, I could do with some more, and priced from around £1.35 each, I’ll soon be in the local stockist again! For details of more great ACE products and stockists, visit the website

Clint Walker, July 2010