ACE Hard-On Flying Backleads

Blimey! A backlead is just a little lead with a hole in it, yeah? You slide it on your line, tie your rig and related gubbins on, cast out and then the air pressure forces it back up the line and it rests on the bottom. Surely, that's all there is to it? Well, that's what I thought...

ACE (Advanced Carp Equipment) have taken that concept and created a product that not only protects your line better than the old-style weights, but actually makes the whole concept of using a flying backlead an optional extra, rather than one that has to be decided on before you tie your rig on. Yes, you can quite simply add, or remove, ACE Hard-On flying backleads as and when the situation dictates, without the need to cut and re-tie line.

ACE Hard-On Flying Backleads

The system is simplicity itself; the backlead has a plastic insert, which has a slit in for your line. The lead itself also has a slit for your line. You insert your line into both, push the insert into the weight, ensuring that the slits are on opposite sides, and that's it. The plastic insert is a snug fit, which also has the added bonus of being a lot kinder to line as it slides up and down it.

ACE Hard-On Flying BackleadsThese backleads are finished in matt black, so shouldn't spook any fish that move over them. I realise that they won't be in the vicinity of your baited rig most of the time, anyway, but you really want to avoid spooking any fish in a lake if you can. That spooked fish might have been heading towards your bait!

These ACE Hard-On Flying Backleads aren't necessarily the cheapest out there, but they are definitely well worth seeking out, as they offer a far superior solution than many others. I've seen them priced from £4.49 up to £6.25 for a pack of six, so it's definitely worth scouring the 'net for a good deal. I believe the RRP is £4.99.