Reel and SIX spools for £15! – Review by Simon Clarke

Without wanting to sound like I’m ancient, when I first took up fishing back in the 1950s if you wanted to buy a decent reel then you had to save for a good few weeks to get one. In short, they weren’t cheap.

You try telling that to today’s young anglers! It seems very good quality fishing kit is affordable by everyone – if the Avanti 6-6 Match is anything to go by, that is.

I needed a new reel for general floatfishing work and after chatting to a couple of fishing pals, I went for the Avanti 6-6 Match. To be truthful, with a price of just £15 I didn’t really expect much. Like I said, I’m of an age when quality came with a hefty price tag.

But I was delighted with my purchase. The reel comes in a tasteful burgundy colour and the body is lightweight but sturdy. Its finished in a soft rubber, with chrome effects on spool, handle and base of the rear drag.

Avanti 6-6 Match Reel

Its six ball bearings give a really smooth retrieve and coming, as it does, with a total of six spools, if I’d been told this was a £50 reel I would have believed it.

I’ve had this piece of kit for the best part of a month now and I fish twice a week so it’s been put through its paces.

Its standout features are the very sensitive rear drag, the double handle and, of course, the sheer quantity of spare spools that enable a very quick change of attack.

This is the first Avanti product I have bought and it won’t be the last. Quality at such a basement cost is an unbeatable combination.

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